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The first impression is always a lasting one they say, and as Professional Business Card printers we know it is a fact. Which is why, Micro Printing brings to you business cards that come in various styles, shapes and colors of your choice. Business cards are often the first means of communication between potential business partners, corporate professionals, sales personnel and as well as independent entrepreneurs.

As leaders in the printing industry in Toronto, we know that a business card acts as a lasting impression as it stays with the person you share it with. These pieces of card stock that actually exchange hands serve to advertise your brand for as long as the receiver chooses to hold on to the card. This makes it all the more important to infuse a distinct style into the business card you hand out to people. Our digital printing services are infused with new technologies and state-of-the-art press equipments to ensure you get the highest quality and flawless designs in the shortest time possible.

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Different kinds of card stock

To create a variety of business cards, Toronto printers Micro Printing have customizing options for all the cards it creates. You can choose your own card stock type from the different kinds of options we offer. While we have the traditional 12 pt coated and matte-finish 2 side stock, we also have other thicker and thinner options as per your needs. Your business card is an extension of your company’s profile, and we will create your business card that does you full justice. Apart from 10 pt and 14 pt card stock options, Micro Printing offers other variations like laid stock, colored paper stock and linen stock.

Colorful business card options

At Micro Printing we use the digital printing option to produce your business cards. Since this is the more advanced version of printing, business cards can be printed more accurately and in a more uniform manner. Choose your colors and design for your business cards and we will use our digital printing technology to create uniform pieces for you that will also be cost effective. We can offer you both single sided and full double sided color options.

Innovative size and shapes

Your business card is a reflection of your business philosophy and a smaller or a bigger size stands out from the rest. While the original size of a traditional business card is 3.5 inches X 2 inches, Micro Printing can customize the size for you. To customize your business cards Toronto printers Micro Printing will create a die to cast your business card into a shape of your choice.

Innovative Designs

Since business cards all have the same purpose – to advertise the contact details and company profile of the person handing out the card – most card designs tend to get repetitive and similar. Same looking cards kind of defeat the whole purpose of having a business card in the first place. Micro Printing offers you various different design ideas for your customized business cards so each set design can make a unique statement. Having a unique card generates more recall value for your brand.

Competitive pricing

Of the many advantages of digital printing, cost effectiveness is a prime factor. Each printed piece is same and differences are almost negligible, and the overall costs are also low when you order in bulk. Micro Printing brings you cost effective printing solutions for your business cards. Get our business cards at competitive prices that are hard to find in all of Toronto.

Try our digitally printed business cards that come with superior quality, customized designs and shapes and a price that’s hard to match.

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