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Offset Printing Toronto & Mississauga

Offset Printing is the most commonly used printing process used commercially all over the world to print a variety of communication materials ranging from posters, brochures, magazines, calendars and displays. The quality of the finished product depends on the quality of ink, inking unit technology, stock and the printing technology used by your printer. Micro Printing uses superior quality printing technology to provide you printing services in Toronto.

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Know your offset printing

Offset Printing is a four colour flat printing technology that involves the transfer of ink to a rubber blanket from the plate where the ink is set. This ink is then transferred (offset) on to the paper for the actual print to be completed. It is called offset printing because the ink is ‘offset’ to the final sheet and not directly transferred to the paper.

Micro Printing uses the four-color process CMYK for the print job you order.

We employ printing professionals who are adept at jobs starting from pre-press to the bindery and finishing jobs so you get a flawless finished product. We understand that what comes out of our press is what represents you as a brand to your clients. Keeping up the highest standards of quality is a mantra we follow as one of the top printers in Toronto.

Different offset printing services Micro Printing offers

We offer a range of services that include pre-press jobs like graphic design and proof checks at every step of the print process.

Our large print shop is equipped to run both sheet fed and web fed offset printing processes, so you can be assured of a timely delivery every single time.

Proof checks are conducted after every print step is completed. At the end of the printing job, Micro Printing offers finishing services like stitch, perfect bind, glue and trimming. Our end-to-end services make sure that you know you have come to the right printer.

Top inking technology

Micro Printing brings to you top quality offset printing in all of Toronto with the Anicolour technology. This four-colour technology involves a short set-up time and superior quality printing. This ensures that whatever be the print order, we are able to provide you the best quality at best prices. Anicolour technology gives you the quality of offset printing at prices that equal a digital print run. Micro Printing is equipped to handle all short and medium run press orders with the state-of-art technologies it employs in completing your print order.

Different types of inks

  • Sheetfed Printing Ink
  • Digital Ink
  • Heat Set Ink
  • UV Hardening Ink
  • Cold Set Ink

Wide range of offset printing products

Micro Printing is capable of handling different volumes of orders of various products. Whether it is a short run order or a large run, we have two offset presses that are capable of handling any volume of order.

Image quality is a major issue that clients face with their end product after the print job is over. Our professionals are equipped to handle the latest technologies in the printing industry. The printing presses in our shop can print high quality images ranging from flyers to art magazines. Micro Printing gives you the 200LPI image quality in the offset printing services we offer.

Our Different Print Products:

Micro Printing advantage in offset printing

Micro Printing offers flexibility in the type of files you give us for printing.

Files we accept:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Acrobat
  • Quark
  • MS Office 2003
  • MS Office 2007
  • Postscript
  • and many others!

The Micro Printing advantage with Print-at-demand services

Cost effective offset printing services at unbelievable rates!

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