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Magazine Printing Toronto & MississaugaMagazine Printing is a matter of expertise where many factors have to be considered by the printer and also the magazine publisher. Since it involves many aspects of printing starting from the magazine size, paper quality and the kind of printing process that will be involved, it is best left to the experts in the printing industry. Micro Printing excels in printing expertise and understands the nuances that go into the printing of a single edition. We are qualified to offer you professional magazine printing services as per your needs.

We have trained professionals who are adept at handling printing tasks of varied complexities, and can also help you choose the best specifications for your new printing job. Micro Printing will handle all your printing needs and help you with several editions of either short, medium or long run magazine prints. Magazine printing in Toronto gets easier with our friendly yet professional services.

Factors to consider before printing a magazine

Have you decided on the paper quality of the magazine you are about to publish? Or the page size and the ink that you want used in your magazine’s pages? Your magazine’s content is a major factor in deciding the quality of the paper it will be printed on. At Micro Printing, our rich experience in the printing industry in Toronto enables us to help you choose the right kind of paper and ink before we start the printing process. Consider this: Just the thickness of the paper you choose can considerably reduce or increase your printing costs!

Some of the considerations Micro Printing takes into account before starting on a new printing project are mentioned below. These are some of the most important factors that will determine the quality of your finished product, and also determine whether your printer is capable of providing you end-to-end support.

  • Pre-Press support: Micro Printing has a team of efficient pre-press professionals starting from graphic designers to proof checkers and pre-press work flow supporters who ensure that your project can be carried through smoothly without a hitch. We offer PDF/JDF workflow services that will ensure a foolproof workflow.
  • Paper or Stock type: The type of paper you use in your magazine makes the difference, really. Yes it is also the colour process and the press, but it is the paper that your reader notices first. Magazine stock is generally glossy and has an enamel coating that gives it the glaze. This kind of paper is preferred more by publishers. We offer you a choice of magazine stock ranging from glossy to other types including matt, silk and uncoated variations.
  • Page Size: Small is not always less. Yes, magazine printing in Toronto will cost you more than the average budget if your page size is less or more than 8 3/8” X 10 7/8” (the standard size). It is very important to decide on the page size before you order a run for your magazine. We can help you draw up a competitive budget plan even if your magazine is smaller or larger than the average size.
  • Ink used for the printing job: The ink we use in printing your magazine is an important factor in the quality of the final printed piece. Image quality depends heavily on the four colour process we employ in our offset printing process. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are the main colors used to print the images on the pages of your magazine. Micro Printing is capable of printing high-end magazines like art magazines with an ability to produce 200LPI images.
  • Bindery services: Bindery is the final step in the process of printing a magazine or a book. It involves assembling the finished pages serially and binding them together. There are various processes of bindery at Micro Printing. Robust and long lasting, these include gluing using spine tape, and also sewing. We offer you the best prices for the kind of bindery you need.

The Micro Printing advantage

The print industry is dynamic and ever-changing with printing processes constantly evolving. From the erstwhile letterpress printing to the more modern offset and digital printing, the industry has transformed rapidly. The technology printers are using today will change in the coming years with the advent of new technologies. We ensure that we stay at the top of the game by constantly upgrading our technologies.

Micro Printing offers you complete services in magazine printing in Toronto. Personal services, excellent customer support and up-to-date offset printing technology – a blend of these services together create the Micro Printing advantage.

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