10 Advantages of Buying a Wide Format Printer for Your Office

Thu Sep , 2021

A standard office printer lets your employees print documents, slide decks for client presentations, and clip art–festooned reminders that the lunchroom refrigerator gets cleaned out every weekend.

But is that all you need it to do? What if you want to produce posters, banners, and other high-impact visuals?

If your office is asking these questions, it may be time to consider buying a wide format printer. Here we outline a few of its benefits.

Why Purchase a Wide Format Printer for Your Business Needs?


1. Quality is never compromised

Bigger means better when it comes to today’s wide-format printing. There is also no compromise on output quality just because you have used a large and wide printer. Innovations in the manufacturing of print heads and the precision with which they eject ink on paper have allowed today’s printers to achieve a high level of efficiency. The result is a high-quality finished product that may help to increase sales, improve communication, and increase visibility for your organization’s goods and services.

2. It helps to maintain branding

You know your brand’s mission. With a wide format printer, you can ensure logo accuracy and colour consistency in poster or banner printing in Toronto. These are vital details that make a considerable impression on your customers and help to build brand recognition.

It’s not just for big projects only. Even standard letter-size tasks can be carried out with the same precision of colour printing detail with this printer.

3. It improves efficiency

Size doesn’t require sacrificing speed. Many wide-format printers can produce several high-quality poster-size prints in just an hour. You may test print designs and messaging whenever you’d like and have the physical document in your hands in a matter of minutes.

4. Versatility is maintained

The technology that supports large format printing is more advanced than ever but relatively simple to use. Users may easily configure settings depending on their task’s requirements.

And these tasks can be varied. For example, architects, engineers, and other professionals associated with the construction industry may produce blueprints as well as schematics whose size and clarity must match their clients’ requirements. Advertising professionals may also create tactile mock-ups to capture a client’s imagination with more promptness than a PDF viewed on a computer screen.

Similarly, schools can print posters for special events; charities can do the same for fundraisers, and theatres can produce materials to promote upcoming performances. Any organization that has regular messages to communicate will benefit from having a wide format printer at its disposal.

5. It improves the customer experience 

Do you want to improve how you communicate visually with your customers? From innovative marketing messages to visuals that overcome language barriers, you may improve your signage with photos as well as QR codes that help shoppers navigate their purchasing decisions.

6. It drives additional sales

Could well-crafted signage increase the amount a customer spends in your shop? Since most buying decisions are made in-store, many retailers prioritize engaging with customers through signage. Other ways to increase buying include directing traffic flow with floor graphics and promotional signs that help customers shop safely while being made aware of special deals or sales.

7. It is easily accessible 

A wide format printer offers good online connectivity that further boosts the efficiency of workflow. For instance, mobile printing allows users to print directly from their mobile phone or other wireless devices.

8. It enhances reliability 

Printing devices need to work reliably when needed. Many wide format printers have built-in anti-clogging as well as nozzle compensation technology. This ensures that their print heads are firing on all the cylinders even when they’ve been sitting idle for a long time. It also means less worry and less waste than with traditional printers.

9. It helps to maintain security

When things change, wide-format inkjet printer tools work in real-time for on-premises printing as well as scanning. In addition to improved printing turnaround times and reduced costs, this helps to ensure that your documents remain confidential and secure, even as they’re shared among your team. With better-controlled printer access, you have more control over who has access to your plans and data. Plus, storing files on-site keeps them safe from offsite data theft.

10. It helps to track progress

When printing on-site, you’ll have access to all the iterations of a project and also make changes to it. As more altered documents come through, you can feel confident in your ability to collaborate as well as track those changes accurately. You may then scan as well as send progress reports to the entire team, even when you’re in different workspaces.

If your industry requires high-quality, large-volume printing with stunning imagery, a wide format printer is the best device to produce those materials quickly, accurately, and affordably. Contact the leading printing companies in Toronto (like us) to get an idea of what you can do with wide format printing.