How to Create Exceptional Business Flyers (11 Great Tips)

Thu Jun , 2020

Flyers are an effective and affordable marketing tool. Whether you’re opening a new store or trying to expand your business’s reach, they convey your brand message and convert sales through attractive, action-oriented design.

But to make the most of these multi-functional tools, you should design them while keeping in mind certain factors. These include making a positive first impression, how to stand out and having a clear message.

To create an eye-catching but practical flyer, follow these quick tips.

Here’s How to Create Impressive Business Flyers

A great business flyer should be both noticeable and functional, so pay attention to its design. Here are some tips that will come in handy when putting together a professional business flyer.

1) Convey Info Concisely

Your flyer’s message trumps its design, so don’t allow your target reader to be distracted by it. Yes, it should be striking enough to be picked up, but your flyer needs to convey its message clearly and concisely.

2) Divide Your Content into Sections

Flyers are small so you have little space to display essential information. Long paragraphs will discourage readers, so be sure to divide your content into sections so it’s visually appealing.

3) Choose Images Carefully

Images serve as your flyer’s first point of contact with your business so select them carefully. Engage your readers and make a positive first impression perhaps with a smiling face. Images should be a minimum 300 dpi (dots per inch) to avoid blurriness or pixelation.

4) Keep It Easy to Understand

Avoid big words to somehow make your flyer look ‘professional’. Instead, keep your message simple and easy to understand. The headline should be clear; the message, readable. Bold titles and subtitles but avoid using all caps as they are difficult to read.

5) Give a Unique Shape

Another great way to stand out is to ditch the traditional A4 flyer size and opt for an unconventional shape. Experiment with squares, circles, rectangles, triangles and hexagons to attract potential customers.

Worker in a printing and press centar uses a magnifying glass and check the print quality

6) Pick a Suitable Colour Palette

A good colour palette helps create a relevant, persuasive and memorable flyer. Pick the one that suits your brand and has a strong psychological element to evoke the right emotions.  Your best bet is to use your logo’s colour scheme. We have a post that can guide on how to use colour psychology to better convey your message. For example, green means growth and balance, blue means reliability and knowledge, and red means enthusiasm and passion.

7) Use the Right Paper

Choosing the right paper is as important as your flyer’s design and copy. Choose a thick paper as a thinner one is more likely to end up in the trash as it looks less professional. Many flyer printing companies in Toronto prefer 100 lb glossy paper. It’s thinner than cardstock but thicker than normal printing paper and mostly impervious to creasing.

8) Add a Call-to-Action

A call to action (CTA) explains your flyer’s purpose. For instance, if you’re printing them to help launch a new product or offering discounts on existing ones, a relevant CTA explains where to find them or how to get the discount. ‘Call Us’, ‘Order Now’ and ‘Contact Us’ are common examples.

9) Include Your Contact Information

This is an obvious point often forgotten. Mention your business/store contact information, preferably at the bottom of your flyer.

10) Limit Your Fonts

Avoid cluttering your flyer by only using two or three easy-to-read fonts. Click this link to learn about the best (and worst) fonts for various printing projects.

11) Always Proofread

No business wants to promote itself with a misspelled flyer so proofread your copy multiple times before sending it for printing. That includes not only spelling or grammar mistakes but missing/wrong information, layout, the position of images and colour tones.

 A well-designed and error-free flyer is a great way to promote your products and services to potential customers. Hopefully, these tips will help you create one that is both attractive and functional. Once you have an impressive design, contact us for high-quality flyer printing in Toronto.