4 Golden Rules for Designing a Great Billboard Ad

Thu Sep , 2017

Billboard AdIn the world of online marketing, billboards continue to be an important advertising tool. They have been around for over a century and are still an effective component of marketing for reaching thousands of people travelling on highways.

Billboards have a great potential to build your brand and promote your products. Their design and content play a vital role in determining their effectiveness. They should be both eye-catching and functional. To ensure that your billboard ad impacts your target customers effectively, here are 4 golden rules to follow when designing your billboard ad.

1) Simplicity Is the Key

The first golden rule of any design is to keep it simple and same applies for your billboard advertisement. Your target viewers are drivers driving their vehicles at a speed of more than 50 mph on highways. Therefore, they merely have 5 to 10 seconds to read the billboard ad. To engage your target viewers in those 5 to 10 seconds, follow an uncluttered structure for your ad. Include three basic components in it, a compelling image, a unique headline and your company logo. Cramming unnecessary elements in the advertisement will make it difficult for the viewer to understand your intended message.

2) No More Than Six Words

Billboard ads are not the place for abstract designs and long copies as the viewers don’t have that much time to take them in. To achieve greater success from your ads, try to keep the copy length to no more than 6 words written in a simple font size. Keep the message to the point by focusing on impactful words so the readers can understand, retain and recall your message easily. For example, ‘Make Your Room Cool’ is a straight line to advertise an air conditioner through a billboard advertisement. It immediately establishes what the company is trying to sell and keeps the message simple to read and understand.

3) Bold and Bright

Choose bright, high-contrasting colours and bold images and fonts to stand out from other billboard advertisements. Contrasting colours will catch the reader’s attention and bold images and fonts will make your ad readable from a distance thus making it visually memorable. However, if you’re using bold images and contrasting colours, then keep the background simple so that it doesn’t fight with the foreground for attention.

4) An Engaging Story

A smart billboard with a thought provoking message and engaging story will grab attention and leave an impression. It acts as an entertaining visual treat for bored drivers. Arrange your graphics and text message to suggest a storyline and create excitement and drama. Play with words, create a rhyme and add humour to design a fun, whimsical billboard ad.

A well-designed billboard ad is the best way to maximize your outdoor advertising return on investment. Follow these golden rules and use this effective advertising tool to build your brand. If you need assistance in printing large format posters for your billboard advertisement, then contact us for a free quote.