4 Strong Reasons Why Print Advertising Still Works in 2020

Wed Mar , 2020

Before the internet, print advertising was one of the best ways to reach out and improve sales. Then the internet came along and changed marketing forever.

From search engines and social media to blogs and email marketing, digital media has a major impact on how businesses interact with their target audience.

While it’s true that digital ad campaigns are a vital part of any marketing plan today, print marketing is still going strong – and for good reasons. Internet marketing techniques often fetch better results when combined with print.

4 Reasons Why Print Marketing Is A Hit in the Digital World

A multi-platform approach is a key to creating a more engaging experience, improving brand recognition and memory recall – all of which increase conversion rates.

Hence, it’s important to optimize your social media presence while leveraging traditional media like television, radio, flyers, brochures, leaflets and posters.

Here’s why including print media in your marketing plan is a great idea.

Enhanced Credibility

With the increasing number of online fundraising scams and other dishonest advertisements, consumers are wary of what they read online. But when you know someone put in their time, energy and money into buying physical advertising materials for their business, you can (mostly) trust the information.

Pop-up ads, once so popular with marketers, are now almost obsolete (thanks to pop-up blockers). As people see digital advertisements as a nuisance, making an impact with banners and popups becomes increasingly difficult. On the other hand, print leaflets still work because they reach your target audience. Even a flyer quickly glanced at before being tossed into the recycling bin is more effective at influencing customers than unseen digital ads. When you get your business in front of your target customers with print materials like brochures, pamphlets and business cards, you add credibility to your business.

Source Credit: https://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/chart/channels-customers-trust-most-when-purchasing

Lasting Impression

Digital ads quickly disappear from our screens with a simple scroll or mouse click. Conversely, a print ad tends to make a more lasting impression. A leaflet, business card or calendar could lie around in a handbag or briefcase for months before a consumer reads it and takes advantage of the information. A takeout menu may sit on your coffee table for ages, and even if they didn’t consider placing an order with your restaurant or café before, the chances they will increase. Whether it’s a job posting, business promotion or health advice brochure, you’ll make a lasting impression when you hand people a solid printed item.

Better Engagement

How many advertisements or videos did you see next to your online search results today? Do you remember all or at least some of them?

The truth is, most of us don’t remember online ads unless they’re shocking, funny or outright weird. The sheer volume of pop-up ads and videos we encounter daily causes us to lose interest in them. Moreover, people often surf the internet or check emails while texting friends or watching television, which means they don’t give their full attention to ads.

Printed materials, on the other hand, create a physical connection with readers. In other words, when someone holds a leaflet or brochure, they’re more likely to focus and read the content instead of multitasking. This increases the chance that they’ll remember your brand or business when considering ordering a product or service like yours.

Added Support

While print ads are an effective marketing tool in themselves, they can equally complement any digital marketing campaign. If your prospective customers reside in both the digital and physical world, so should your business. Hence, it makes sense to include your social media handles, website, or blog link in your direct mail marketing.

For example, adding the message “Enter Code SPRING30 at checkout to get flat 30% Off on everything. Offer valid online only” on your business leaflet is a wonderful way to draw customers to your website. Coupons or discount codes are effective ways to attract new customers and encourage their loyalty.

The ideal marketing strategy is a mix of traditional and digital advertising methods. When you adopt a multichannel advertising approach, you exponentially increase your chances of success. If you haven’t yet considered adding print media to your digital campaigns, now is the time.

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