5 Benefits Digital Printing Offers

18 Jan

“What’s digital printing?” is likely a question you’ve asked if your company has ever had to mass print custom items. For starters, the term ‘digital printing’ refers to printing technology that links to computers or other digital-based devices. There are several options when it comes to digital printers; such as the HP Indigo or Dry Toner banners, two of the most common machines used for this type of printing.

digital printing service

The question arises, why opt for digital printing when the conventional offset method has been there for ages?

There are specific advantages that digital printing offers over other printing methods. They can be very beneficial to your company depending on its needs. Here are the top five reasons you should consider digital printing.

  • Easier to Meet Deadlines

    One of the key advantages of digital printing is that it’s much faster and requires less labour than traditional printing methods. The offset method requires one person to operate the printer, balancing ink and water during press run. Digital process does not require this extra labour. Last minute changes are time-taking in offset, but in digital method, software quickens the editing. So, if you urgently need to meet a deadline, then opt for digital presses over other options.

  • Environment-friendly when compared to traditional printing methods

    Digital printing uses water based inks. No coatings necessary. Other than in the ink, the process is also waterless, producing little waste. This makes it a more environment friendly option than other printing methods.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Most digital printing services have no minimum order amounts, no additional set up or plate charges. Add to that the natural economy of scale advantage, and you have a printing method that’s very cost-effective.

  • Best for short print runs

    Digital press is an ideal option for printing small to medium quantities ranging from 1-1000 units.

  • Personalised touch

    Digital presses allow for personalised prints on the go. You can customise the messages to highlight your brand’s identity.

As you can see, digital printing offers several advantages that would be a big benefit to your business. A final piece of advice we offer is to always go for experience over price when selecting which digital printing service to work with. A lower cost might seem like the better option, but remember, the materials produced will be representing your company. You can’t afford to have inexperience hurt your brand.

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