5 Creative Uses of Large Format Printing

Tue Aug , 2018

Do you want to grab your customers’ attention in a creative way? If so, large format printing is your go-to option. Whether you’re a business tycoon or a small-scale retail shop owner, large format prints are a great way to create interest in your product and attract potential customers. They offer a unique opportunity to present visually pleasing illustrations on an impressive scale that help you get noticed.

5 Creative Uses of Large Format Printing

There was a time when businesses considered that the use of large format prints limited to hoardings and posters. But, the times have changed. These grand prints are so versatile that they can be used in a variety of ways for business promotion. Here are five creative uses of large format printing that you can incorporate to make maximum impact on your customers.

1) Step and Repeat Banner

Ditch the traditional vinyl banners at promotional events and give a creative twist to advertising with a step and repeat banner. It is a publicity backdrop where your company name and logo are printed in a repeating pattern and people stand in front of it to get photographed. They can be printed on vinyl, fabric, poster paper, and canvas. These banners are an excellent way to use large format printing for brand awareness and business promotion. Your brand’s name will be in the background of the photographs of the celebrities or attendees and shared through various platforms.

2) Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Point of purchase displays are an attractive presentation of products, usually near the checkout counter, for visual merchandising. The goal of these displays is to encourage customers to buy the products from the specific, pin-pointed merchandising. These fun and creative large format prints are generally used to sell common items such as chewing gum, batteries, soft drinks, magazines and writable DVDs in large supermarkets. The frame of these displays is made of cardboard or foam board and covered in the printed material with the graphics of your product.

3) Corporate Wall Murals

Take your brand promotion to the next level by incorporating an impressive wall mural at your retail store or head office. With large format printing, you can transform your office’s hallway into a display of your corporate image. A wall mural is an impressive, designer and colourful display of your brand image that will help in creating a productive office environment. It can change your clients’ perspective of your brand, thus bringing positivity inside the office.

4) Table Wraps

Printed table wraps are a great way to incorporate your logo or product into your office or store’s interior décor. It is a type of large format printing that covers a table to display your logo, tagline or anything that complements your brand. It strengthens the visibility of your company name and give your branding a new approach. You can incorporate it in your storefront, trade shows or other promotional events to make your counter, podium or booth stand out.

5) Window Perfs

Use your glass storefront and windows as a prime advertising space with perforated window films or window perfs. This unconventional large format printing opens a new world of promotional opportunities. See-through graphics are printed on perforated vinyl film and applied on the window to be viewed from the outside. You can use this grand printing to inform customers about an upcoming sale, new store opening or simply promote your brand. The best part is that window perfs display printed graphics without blocking light.

Large format printing is a versatile tool that can be used in several ways to grab attention and promote your business. Consider the above-mentioned uses of this amazing printing format and increase your chances of getting noticed. If you need help, then contact Micro Printing Ltd, a trusted place for large format printing in Mississauga.