5 Custom Printing Materials Your Business Needs

Tue Nov , 2021

Are you looking for a printing press in Toronto to create custom marketing materials for your business? They are essential to keep your business relevant.

Here, you will learn what print marketing materials are, why you need them, and some of the most effective custom ones for your business.

What Are Print Marketing Materials?

5 Most Effective Print Marketing Materials Micro Printing

Printing marketing materials help communicate your service or product to potential customers. They include booklets, brochures, calendars, and business cards. These materials help to keep your business in clients’ minds.

Why Do You Need Print Marketing Materials?

These materials carry long-lasting value by strengthening your brand and increasing awareness among customers. Even in the digital era, people trust printed materials. Customers pay attention to print ads, recall more information about the brand, and have a stronger emotional reciprocation to the content than digital ads. Print materials give your customer something substantive that they can interact with or keep in their home. They help your business to be remembered by customers and increase the recall rate.

Which Custom Print Marketing Materials Are Right For Your Business?

High-quality print marketing materials help reach more clients, and more exposure leads to higher sales and ROI. These materials are a direct reflection of your product, service, and organization. So, make sure that they are interesting enough to engage people.

Below are the most effective, high-quality, and proven high-engagement print marketing materials.

1. Booklets

Booklets remain a proven tool for marketing, education, and setting you apart from your competition. They are an affordable way to spread awareness of your business and build trust. In addition, they introduce your customer to new products and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

So, if you are planning to use a booklet, have a goal in mind. Once you are clear on what you want to accomplish, you can better understand your customer’s perspective. What essential information will they need? Then, make sure to highlight that information when you design your booklet. Use high-quality images and graphics to create a good first impression.

2. Brochures

This is another effective and popular tool for spreading information about your product and service to customers. It is a quick and affordable method to tell a compelling story with beautiful images that will keep you in your customers’ minds. A high-quality brochure can successfully convey necessary information to your audience.

Remember that a customer’s attention span can be as short as two seconds. So, to fully capture their attention, be sure to use simple graphics and engaging images. Also, keep the message short and clear to grab their complete focus.

3. Calendar

A printed calendar will consistently remind customers of your brand and help them keep up with their commitments. It could be a single-page planner or multiple paged one. Calendars help to remind customers of upcoming promotions, give exclusive promo codes, and increase customer awareness. You can add your name, logo, and address to custom calendars as well. In addition, they may pass it along to friends and family, multiplying your reach.

4. Business Cards

Another sure way to increase your brand awareness is through a business card. This is vital for any form of person-to-person networking. An eye-catching business card with relevant information and a subtle call to action can go a long way. It is a fast and easy way to give your contact information to people interested in your company. Business cards are cheap to print and mandatory for networking, sales calls, and other business relationships. We have thousands of business templates available. You can even consult with our experts to customize your graphic design.

5. Catalogues

Another tangible way to explore a company’s offerings is by way of a catalogue. Catalogues used to be large but modern ones are much smaller and more aesthetically appealing. They are used to target buyers and prospects who will appreciate them the most.

If you are planning to create a catalogue for your business, focus on quality and maximize the use of colour and material to ensure that it looks and feels high-end.

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