5 Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Wed Apr , 2018

Direct mails are an effective marketing tool. Businesses can send postcards, letters or any creative promotional material to its customers, both existing and potential. This a well-known traditional form of marketing but requires expertise to achieve the best results. When it’s not done well, it risks the performance of your whole marketing campaign.

Many businesses make common mistakes and they don’t even know why. They just know they are getting nothing from their marketing campaigns. If you don’t want your campaign to go to waste, be aware of these 5 direct mail marketing mistakes you should avoid.

1) Not Identifying the Target Audience

Many marketers believe in sending mail blindly to everyone on their mailing list to make the most of their campaigns. This is a misconception that can lead you to trouble. The more targeted your mail is, the more responsive your campaign will be. Therefore, identify your target audience, refine your list and send mail only to the specific people you want to reach. Use this analysis to design your direct mail to get the desired response. It will save your time and money while ensuring good returns on your investment.

2) Designing Complicated Direct Mails

The design of your direct mail plays a crucial role in creating interest in your target audience towards your products or services. If your direct mail is filled with copy, has an unattractive design and poor-quality printing, the recipients might discard it without reading it.

Design your direct mail in a simplistic way, easy to read and comprehend. Use white space, avoid using several adjectives and choose a high-quality printing service for flawless results. Keep the appearance compelling while focusing on creating short content.

3) Stating an Unclear Call-To-Action

The call-to-action on your direct mail should be clear and precise. If your call-to-action is complicated, the recipients won’t understand it. Print your call-to-action in bold, bright colours to make the content easy to recall.

For example, if your brochure is telling the recipients to visit your webpage and fill a form, make sure to explain that in only three steps so the prospects can comprehend the process easily.

4) Not Presenting a Captivating Offer

A compelling offer is necessary to win over your prospects. If your direct mail consists only a single piece of information and has no special discounts or offers for the recipients, there will be no reason for them to respond.

Attract the recipients with something special, like a bonus gift, a discounted price or a two-for-one deal. This way your direct mail will successfully generate leads for your business.

5) Not Following-Up

Follow-up is an integral part of most marketing campaigns. To ensure the success of your direct mail marketing, be ready to welcome your customers and respond quickly to their queries, interests, and orders. If they walk into your store, ask them about your direct mail campaign and analyze their feedback.

The success of your campaign depends on your ability to convert your leads into customers by following-up and providing a good service.

Any of the above-mentioned mistakes can ruin your direct mail marketing campaign. If you want to maximize your campaign, identify your target audience, design an attractive direct mail, present compelling offers, state a clear call-to-action and follow-up. That said, if you need assistance in printing a high-quality direct mail, contact Micro Printing Ltd. to get the best printing service in Mississauga.