5 Interesting Facts About Large Format Printing

10 Aug

Also known as wide or grand format printing, large format printing is ideal for printing huge banners or printing on interesting materials, using specialized equipment. Today, it is used to create some of the coolest, most creative, and impactful materials which are also professional and polished.

Here are a few things you should know about large format printing.


What Makes Large Format Printing Amazing?

Many factors make large format printing in Toronto a preferred printing method. Here are a few of them.

1. Freedom to Think Big

Flyer printing in Toronto remains a popular marketing method, but large format printing gives companies the freedom to think big. It can be used to create huge window clings and giant building wraps. If you want anything larger than that, multiple panels can be printed and pieced together seamlessly.

You can also opt to have vehicles covered in photorealistic images so your message is noticed around town. Or you can use it to design and create custom mural wallpaper that you can put on your walls, either inside or outside.

2. Be Materialistic

Large format printers use a variety of materials. You can print on paper, plastic, leather, fabric, wood, metal, glass, tiles, et cetera. This gives you the freedom to be creative, like giving an etched glass plaque to recognize your team’s exemplary work or celebrating a client milestone.

3. You Can Go Beyond Generic

Flexibility is one of the advantages of large format printing. You can use it for a myriad of products, from the customized shape of a conference ID to eye-catching signage. Large banner printing is the preferred format for banner printing in Toronto. With large format printing, you can convert even the most practical and procedural signs into customized displays that are consistent with your brand. With endless possibilities, you don’t have to go generic.

4. Move Beyond Conventional Printing

Many large format printers combine CMYK and RGB inks to deliver deeper and richer colours with truly photorealistic imagery, like something you see on a computer or television. You can use them to print and cut batches of customized die-cut pieces and print with weatherproof coatings and solutions. These weather-protected materials can then be used in any rugged condition. Large format printer prints directly onto giant rolls of various materials.

5. Liberate Your Mind

Large format printing allows you to unlock your mind and explore new and exciting creative possibilities. So, you will get the chance to create something out of the box; something innovative, impactful, and exciting.


What Kind of Printer Does Large Format Printing Use?

Banner Printing in Toronto

Large format printing companies use a flat-bed printer, a roll-to-roll printer, or a combination of both. The bed of the flat-bed printer carries the printing material through the device. Under the UV light, the liquid ink turns solid. If you want to print on a thick or non-conventional material, a flat-bed printer is a good option.

In a roll-to-roll printer, the material is unspooled when it goes into the printer and is rolled back again when it is finished. They are the best option for canvasses, banners, and anything else that is flexible. It also prints more quickly and efficiently than a flat-bed printer.

The combination printer is what its name suggests. Its flat-bed and roll-to-roll attachments can be used interchangeably.

It takes a specific skill and specialized tools to manage large-format printing. The press uses a series of large nozzles to lay down the toner; the ink is then applied directly, which is how you get the super-authentic imagery.

Contact the professionals to get an idea of what you can do with large format printing. Then, brainstorm the designs you want with a designer and settle on your material of choice. If you are planning to use it outdoors, paper might not be a good idea and wood can be expensive. For something smaller, like a memento, tile or glass can be a good choice. And make sure you get a quote from the printing company so as not to be shocked by the expense.

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