5 Reasons Postcard Marketing Is Your Best Bet

Tue Apr , 2018

Postcards are one of the best marketing tools. It might sound unrealistic given the popularity of digital marketing in the marketing industry. But, print marketing tools like postcards are still great options to spread your message far and wide.

printed postcards

Many small businesses consider postcards an essential part of their marketing strategy. They are simple, effective and affordable, and can be used to complement your digital marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons postcard marketing is the best bet for your business promotion.

1) Higher Visibility

Postcards are generally printed on high-quality paper and feature magnificent images or logo design making it easier for people to notice, retain and recall. The attractiveness of the postcards encourages people to keep it with themselves rather than throwing them in the trash. The best part is that messages printed on a postcard are crisp and straightforward, thus having higher visibility and greater chances of being easily read by the recipients.

2) Effectiveness

Postcard marketing delivers the message instantly because the recipient will see the message as soon as the postcard reaches his/her hand. When using digital marketing tools, chances are that your online advertisements and emails end up in the spam folder. On the contrary, postcards land straight into the hands and make an instant impact by being noticed quicker than online marketing tools.

3) Affordability

Unlike other expensive marketing tools, postcard marketing is an affordable way to promote your business. In addition to being less time-consuming, they are cheaper to print compared to other printed materials such as fliers or envelope packages. There are many printing service providers in Mississauga who print postcards at reasonable rates. Small businesses who are looking for cost-effective marketing tools can choose postcards.

4) Resilience

Flyers and pamphlets are not as long-lasting as a postcard because of its sturdy paper quality. Flyers are vulnerable to damage because of poor handling, rain or poor-quality letterboxes whereas postcards are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and damage that may occur in transit. Therefore, if you choose postcard marketing to promote your business rest assured that it will reach its target audience without damage even after facing challenges on-route.

5) Versatility

Postcards can be used to market a variety of things irrespective of the type of product or service you’re promoting. These versatile marketing tools are great to send messages regarding all types of offers, information, or news and promote businesses of all kinds. You can also use postcards as a feedback form by mentioning the latest discounts your business is offering. Customers can take advantage of the discounts by bringing the filled-up form given on the postcard.

 Postcards are excellent marketing tools that yield better results compared to their counterparts. They offer higher visibility, instant impact, cost-effectiveness, resilience and versatility. To make the most of your postcard marketing, make sure that your postcard printing is of high-quality and has a professional appearance. Contact a trusted printing service provider near you for best results.