6 Design Tips to Print an Attractive Restaurant Menu

Tue Jul , 2018

A restaurant’s menu plays a significant role in enhancing the dining experience of its customers. It provides information about the food, guides guests through special offerings, and represents the restaurant’s brand image. Therefore, it’s important to craft the menu thoughtfully.

Restaurant Menu

When designing your restaurant’s menu, you should focus on making it functional, user-friendly and attractive. After all, it will create the first impression of your business on the customers and add to the overall appeal of your restaurant.

If you’re planning to redesign and print your restaurant menu, then here are six tips from Micro Printing Ltd., a leading printing service provider in Mississauga.

1) Divide it into Sections

If the menu is not easy to read, it can negatively affect the overall impression. Instead of listing everything, divide the menu into logical sections using boxes and arrange the food items in a sequence. Start with the appetizers, followed by the main course, desserts and beverages. This will help customers in searching through the dishes in the same way they would order.

2) Avoid Using Low-Quality Photographs

It might be tempting to add several photographs of delicious dishes from your menu. But, if you don’t have high-quality and attractive photographs, then it would be wise to avoid using low-grade pictures. Also, if you don’t have a signature style of garnishing and serving your dishes, then photographs can create false impressions. To avoid that, consider using illustrations or graphics as they are universally appealing and add a surprise element to the plates. However, if you have a good budget and professional photographer at your disposal, you can use high-resolution images of the dishes.

3) Add Descriptions

Menu descriptions are important for enticing the appetites of your guests. Add clear, straightforward and expressive descriptions of the dishes you want people to notice. Diners are likely to scan those dishes that have a narrative along with them first. This will also help you promote the unique items available only at your restaurant.

4) Emphasize the Specials

By only adding descriptions to your special food items, this won’t make them pop on the menu. Draw attention toward premium or special dishes by dedicating a section to them. Highlight them with attractive symbols such as an arrow, a banner, a decorative box or a frame. It will give an interesting visual break to your guests and act as an outstanding accent to your menu design.

5) Choose High Contrast Colours

Pick a few high contrast colours for your menu to offer a visual treat to your guests before the real treat. But, make sure that the colour scheme reflects your restaurant’s brand and style. This will help set the mood of the restaurant. Add elements of your business’ interior design when selecting the menu hue and complement it with contrasting colours to make it visually interesting.

6) Omit the Currency Sign

Placing too much importance on the currency sign throughout a menu is a big no. Focus on offering the best-in-class dining experience to your customers rather than making them overly aware of how much they’re spending. Give place to numbers and don’t emphasize currency signs.

A well-designed and easy-to-read menu will keep your customers coming back to you for more. Use the above-mentioned tips when creating a new look to your restaurant’s menu and see the difference it makes in driving sales. With that being said, to make the most of your design, remember to develop your menus from a trusted printing company in Mississauga. To learn more about menu printing, contact us at (905) 670-7309.