6 Popular Brochure Folds to Know About

Thu Feb , 2019

If you want to gain some publicity for your brand in a cost-effective manner, a brochure is your best bet. It is a cross between a flyer and poster with a 3-D style created through folds that is interactive. The fold and design of the brochure create a visual impact that the prospective customer is not likely to forget soon. Picking up the best brochure style can be tricky when you have so many folding styles to consider.

6 Popular Brochure Folds to Know About

This post is a guide on the various brochure folding styles and their application for business marketing so that you can wisely choose the best option that is suitable.

Factors That Influence Your Choice:

Before you start looking through the various brochure folding styles, there are certain important factors that you must keep in mind to narrow down your search. Here they are.

Purpose of the brochure- The objective of the brochure content will help you to choose the right folding style.
The flow of information- determining the flow of information is essential to design the brochure layout which in turn will determine the folds.
Layout- the way you want the information to unravel before your clients is a key consideration while selecting the folding style. This has a major impact on the presentation of the brochure.
Paper stock and font- the font size, style, and alignment are important to ensure the information fits into the brochure. The paper stock and the overall finish of the brochure can influence the perception of the clients about your company and is another important consideration you must take note of.

Keeping these in mind, read on to learn about the types of folding you will come across from any printing company who offer brochure printing.

1. Half-fold


Also known as the bi-fold brochure, it is the simplest design made of a single sheet of paper folded into a two. Hence, the brochure will have two panels. The appearance is like a booklet and is effective when you have to introduce a service or highlight features of one or two new products. A popular layout style is introducing the idea or the product in the front cover and provide details in the inner panels. You can highlight two key factors on each panel. It is a basic and fail-safe choice when you have a large amount of information to share.

2. Tri-fold


This brochure is designed by folding a single paper into three folds. The right panel folds underneath the left fold. This is one of the most popular brochure fold style clients look for. The main advantage of this style is its versatility. The panels are thinner and take up less space making it less cluttered. On the other hand, the slightly complicated fold allows endless opportunity regarding style and layout. You can create a perfect balance between the content and design in this style. If you want to create a highly interactive brochure, this design works well.

3. Accordion fold

Accordion fold

Also known as the “Z” fold or zigzag fold for the folding pattern, it is another popular choice among many business owners. This has three folds like the tri-fold brochure too. The major difference is the folding pattern which looks like an accordion rather than folding inwards like tri-fold. General product presentation can be done perfectly in this style. If you want to create suspense regarding the various features of the product or service and want it to unravel slowly, the accordion style is helpful. They are highly interactive depending on how you direct the flow of content and hence, has a better impact.

4. The gate-fold

The gate-fold

As the name suggests, the gate fold is created by folding a single sheet of paper such that two small panels which are half the size of the bigger panel fold inward like a gate. It is a great design to display a single product with heavy graphic design. This is a comparatively less popular form of brochure folding because it is more expensive. The design imparts a feeling of luxury and this style is highly recommended for introducing any high-end product to your priority customers and the revealing style of the gate fold has a lasting impact.

5. French fold

French fold

This is a unique folding style and is known as the right-angle fold. The paper is first folded in half and a second-half fold is created in perpendicular to the first one. A graphic heavy design which you want to be revealed fold-by-fold or a brochure that has instructions will be particularly well-designed using this folding style. Maps and invitations to events can also be shared through this brochure design.

6. Double parallel fold

Double parallel fold

The first fold is created by folding the paper in half and then another fold is created which is parallel to the first one. The folds which are inside are slightly smaller than the outside folds. If your campaign requires a detailed presentation, this folding format will work well. If you are creating a reference list for the products your company offers, this folding technique is a popular choice in that scenario too.

The above-mentioned folding patterns are very popular and you will come across them whenever you seek brochure printing service from any printing company. Choosing the right pattern depends largely on your budget and its purpose. If you need more help, experts in brochure printing can guide you.