Banner Stands: 7 Simple Advantages for Your Business

19 Oct

Looking to make an impression on clients visiting your store? Want to promote your brand at a trade show? Banner stands are a great way to get your message across to new customers.

As a simple and effective way to promote sales, they’re a stylish marketing tool that allows business owners to display creativity while showcasing their products and services.

Want to attract new clients but aren’t sure if banner stands are for you? Consider their advantages.

7 Benefits of Banner Stands


Before disregarding them as a marketing medium, consider what banner stands can do for your business, no matter its size.

  1. Affordability

Banner stands are one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums. How much you spend can vary depending on optional features and accessories such as merchandizing capabilities and lighting systems.

But even with additional costs, they’re still one of the most affordable display options. Moreover, they come at various price points to ensure there is something for businesses both big and small.

  1. Ease of Installation

Of all the types of banner stands made by printing companies, the X banner remains the most popular as it’s simple to set up and becomes easier with practice.

Another type, the L banner, consists of a base and back pole to support the display. The pole acts as an additional piece to install a functional upright banner.

The roll-up banner is perhaps the least time-consuming as it requires just a few seconds to set up and take down. It has a retractable display that rolls up within the base. Also, retractable stands come ready to use.

  1. Customizability

Banner stands are customizable, so you can choose either a straight or curved design. You can also choose from double- or single-sided designs that exhibit unique graphics to promote your business. Furthermore, you can also have different graphics panels created by a banner printing company so you don’t have to purchase a whole new unit each time. This gives you the freedom to use your banner stand for a range of promotions.

  1. Portability

If you’ve struggled with transporting or installing large trade show exhibits, you’ll appreciate the portability of banner stands. Most can be fitted into a small case that can be carried by hand or with a shoulder strap. This makes it easier to handle multiple marketing materials and display elements at the same time. Additionally, they are lightweight, allowing them to be transported easily.

  1. Noticeability

Banner stands are noticeable advertising materials thanks to visual and colourful displays that can effectively grab a potential client’s attention. This can be useful in areas where there are other displays, like exhibitions and trade shows. With your business information presented in an attractive way and your brand’s logo recognizable, traffic is more likely to follow.

  1. Impact

Banner stands can make a big impact and require little floor space for installation. Since they don’t take up much space, they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. And as they typically stretch upward, they can attract the attention of onlookers, even those just walking past. Also, since they’re customizable, you can design attractive displays that grab the attention of potential clients.

  1. Reach

Although other marketing techniques can target specific audiences, a banner stand in the right place guarantees you reach your target demographic.

As you can see, banner stands offer many advantages to business owners when used in marketing and advertising campaigns. Considering these benefits, there’s no reason why you should think twice before investing in quality ones for your business. With so many options and varieties, it’s best to do a little research or consult with a banner printing company to recommend products suited to your business goals.

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