7 Advantages of Professional Printing Services in Mississauga

18 Jul

Are you thinking of doing your company’s printing in house instead of using professional printing services in Mississauga? Think twice.
Building up and maintaining a brand takes a lot of work. The printed materials used in your company’s marketing and advertising play a big role in creating your brand’s image in a competitive industry. While digital marketing is an important part of many marketing campaigns, business cards, brochures, flyers, and posters are also crucial.
When you outsource these printing services in Mississauga to Micro Printing, you gain all the benefits our experts have to offer.
But what are they? Here, we explore how beneficial it is to invest in professional printing services for your business.

Reasons to Choose Professional Printing Services in Mississauga

Here are some benefits to working with a professional printing service provider in Mississauga.

1.Professional Printing

Should you print marketing materials internally or hire a printing service provider in Mississauga? This can be a difficult decision as there are various considerations. These include both the quality and quantity of printing you need done.
By hiring a professional printing company, you are ensured of high-quality matte or glossy finishing on your printed materials. These cannot be achieved with internal desktop printing.
And you can choose from different options in terms of the design and cut, and whether you’re printing business cards, postcards, flyers or other materials.

2.High-Quality Paper

Professional printing companies use premium high-volume printers to produce clear designs and text. They also have access to the best resources for specialized printing projects.
Printers have access to various print media that regular offices don’t. Matte, metallic and glossy paper, for instance, have different degrees of reflection and colour saturation. That means some varieties are better for brighter, more colourful materials, while others are better for darker shades. Printing service providers in Mississauga can help you choose the right paper for your printing project.

3.Consistent Colour

Colour plays a crucial role in drawing the attention of customers. However, when companies do their printing internally, they cannot achieve consistent colours due to their reliance on ink cartridges. Moreover, there are limited choices of colours, so you cannot consistently achieve the desired effect.
The equipment used by professional printing companies can handle bright colours and designs. This ensures that you receive a better colour output, which can be replicated across bulk printing projects. Commercial-grade machinery allows printing companies like Micro Printing to produce high-quality graphics and consistent colour for better readability. This helps maintain brand consistency.

4.Speed and Convenience

Office printers are typically slower than commercial printers. Also, the number of paper sheets they can handle is limited.
This is not the case with professional printing machines. So, if you require high-quality printed materials in a short time, a commercial printing company is the best way forward. They can complete the job within your deadline, including urgent projects.
Moreover, many printing companies have on-staff graphic designers to create materials based on your ideas or their own, depending on what you want. This reduces the hassle of brainstorming designs for your printing needs, and all your work will be done under one roof.


Many business owners think hiring a professional printing company will be expensive, as they use modern printing equipment and high-quality paper. In truth, they are more cost-effective than in-house printing solutions.

print business card
When businesses choose to do their printing internally for high-volume projects, they have to invest a considerable amount on paper and ink. Hiring an on-staff printer is an option but not a cost-effective one given the investment in equipment, staff, maintenance, and materials.
Professional printers companies are scaled to deal with large volume orders, so can offer fair pricing. This makes outsourcing to a printing company a smart move.

6.Variety of Options

Office printers aren’t suited to handling all printing projects; professional printing service providers in Mississauga are. These include:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Magazines
  • Posters
  • Books
  • Leaflets
  • Catalogues
  • Invitations
  • Calendars

Many printers also offer bindery and finishing services, including die-cutting, saddle stitching, cutting, shrink-wrapping, and round cornering.


Office printers are made for small printing jobs; they cannot turn around large volumes of materials quickly. The amount of paper these printers can work with is also limited.
This is not the case with professional printing companies. So, if you want a high-quality print project done on a tight turnaround time, a commercial printing service in Mississauga is the right choice. Their access to the latest technology and high-end printing equipment mean they can complete even large projects in no time.
The numerous benefits of commercial printing service providers in Mississauga make them a worthwhile investment. While you can certainly try to complete the job in house, you won’t achieve the same results. It’s easy to see why you need to rely on the professionals.

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