Book Printing – Important Things to Keep in Mind

16 Jun

Printing is extremely important to make your manuscript turn to a book which reaches the readers. Printing used to be a very cumbersome task decades ago. With advanced technology, it has now become easier to choose the right printing service for your need. It requires a lot of effort and investing sufficient time to find the right printer for high quality book print. Several copies can be created at a nominal cost and the time needed to print a book will decrease. Read on to know some things to consider when looking for book printing service.

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  • Know the type of file format chosen: When arranging files for print, you should check the accepted format of files. Choose a printer that accepts different kinds of files to get high quality printing service. Various forms of content are saved in different formats. For example, you need to save photos in the format of high quality JPEG, text in word document (doc / docx) format and graphics as PNG files only.
  • Make the most of online proofing and in-house design: The two features that you should consider when selecting printing service are – online proofing and in-house design. The main responsibility of in-house designer is to check that your book gets printed properly. The ability to proofread pages online before choosing book printing service make your book error-free.
  • Consider all printing options available: Before choosing book printing, you should look for the one that offers both digital and offset printing. This will provide flexibility and make the project cost-effective. Some benefits of digital printing are – less setup costs for short run and the ability to print the number of books needed. On the other hand, offset printing is economical way to manage large size paper types, increase quantities and special finishes that include – Pantone and metallic inks.
  • Research the best method of book binding: The options available for binding will depend on the book’s size and the budget your have set aside. The books that look professional are usually perfect bound and the most suitable option for books with at least 120 pages or more. However, if your book has 120 pages or less, then square-back binding is the ideal option. This type of binding offers perfectly polished and professional look at an affordable rate.
  • Understand the importance of paper: Usually printers begin with 70# paper, which is the equivalent weight of copy paper. This can go up to as thick as 200# cover. This kind of paper has smooth, matte or glossy finish. It produces professional image quality with vibrant colors and is fit for covers and special inserts. You can choose 80# dull-matte paper for the main pages of the book. It is coated with a non-gloss finish.

Let’s say that, enlightened with the above-discussed factors you can confidently judge the nuts and bolts of book printing. These simple things help you decide for yourself, what to take on and what to cast off. Be sure to go for high quality printing service only.

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