Brochure Printing in Mississauga

Using print marketing materials for your business products, services and events is an excellent way to stand out in a crowded market. Instead of relying on digital advertising campaigns alone, try to attract customers using print marketing tools – or combine print with online marketing strategies. At Micro Printing, we offer brochure printing services in a wide range of paper stocks, sizes and folds so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs. For example, you can pick half-fold brochures for takeout menus and handouts, and Z-fold ones for mailing information to your clients.

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Different Brochure Printing Services at Micro Printing

Special Brochure Folds

Folded brochures are the most popular and cost-effective way to connect with prospective customers. As each panel unfolds, people read about your products and services, much like a storyboard. While trifold brochures are most common due to their ease of handling, bifold and elaborate folds are also popular.

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Custom Brochure Sizes

Standard sizes work for standard occasions. But, when the competition is tough and you need to be different, normal doesn’t always work. At Micro Printing, we offer a wide range of brochure sizes to fit your specific business communication needs. Not sure what the right brochure size is for your business? Our experts can help.

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Special Brochure Coating

Special coatings like soft touch and pencil-receptive aqueous can engage the tactile senses of readers. They don’t just change the form but the purpose of your brochure. While you can opt for uncoated or matte finish brochures, special coatings and effects (like emboss prints) make images pop off the page.

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