Brochure Printing Is Pricey: Know How You Can Save Money

Thu Aug , 2016

Brochure printing is indeed an expensive affair. When going for a big printing project, you will always want your hard-earned money to be spent in the right way without compromising on quality or design. Well, there is no reason why you cannot create an attractive yet affordable brochure printing. Let’s discuss some key factors that will help you save money the next time you decide to choose brochure printing for your business.

brochure printing

Consider the size and page count: Brochures need not always be large to have the desired impact on the visitors. When trying to be cost-effective, try to include important content and relevant images to make full use of the limited space. Accommodate clear and concise content in an appropriate design for brochure printing, such that the brochure does not look overcrowded.

Select the type of paper: The audience you want to target and the amount of brochure needed for your business, will decide the thickness of the paper. Thicker paper will increase your overall expense. If the brochures are intended for corporate conference, you should select the best paper stock within your affordability. However, if the brochure is meant for local circulation, then you may choose something thinner and inexpensive.

Choose the right ink, color and typescript: Whether monochrome, bi-color or multi-colored brochure is to be printed will depend on your business. For instance, if you are displaying items like garments, footwear, utensils or accessories, which are colorful, you cannot go for monochromatic or dichromatic printing. Choice of typescript has an overall impact on the ink used for the project. It’s interesting to know that some fonts use less ink than the rest. Times New Roman and Century Gothic use less ink compared to Arial.

Print the number of copies needed: The more copies you print, the less you will have to pay for each copy. Of course, you cannot print too many as the information might get out of date and you might land up stacking them unproductively. You should know the number of brochures needed before you begin with the printing process. Consider different estimates based on your requirement so that you make an informed choice and do not repeat the process unless extremely necessary.

Brochures can be really effective; all you need to do is probe into the various aspects linked with the printing process. Trimmed by your budget, consider the above-discussed factors and plan your project.