How to Make Business Cards That Make a Lasting Impression

14 Aug

In the world of business, creating a positive first impression is important. So, when you give a client your business card, that card is, for all intents and purposes, representing your brand. As your business card reflects a lot about your business, it should be unique. Now, there are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to designing the right business card. You will, however, have to decide on the combination of design and printing options that works best for your brand. Here you will learn how to design a business card that will set you apart from your competitors.

8 Business Card Design Tips to Create a Great Impression

Tips to Design a Business Card That Makes a Great Impression

  1. Select the right shape: Business cards come in various shapes and sizes, although they are mostly rectangular. Feel free to experiment with your card’s shape, but be aware of the risks. The shape of your card should reflect the message you want to deliver, but remember that oddly-shaped business cards may not suit all kinds of brands and can be inconvenient to carry.
  2. Choose beautiful colours: When designing your business card, choose colours suited to your brand. (Hint: do not use too many colours, as this will make your card look overly bright.) As colours can impact the way people feel, be sure to choose your hues carefully. For instance, red symbolizes strength; pink, romanticism. Keep in mind the meaning and symbolism of the colours you choose in order to pick the right tint.
  3. Include relevant information: A business card helps your brand connect with potential customers. It should include information relevant about your business. This should include your name, your phone number, your email, and your office address. And of course, include your social media information so people can connect with you online. Do you use a slogan to promote your brand? Then print it using a nice font to help build your brand identity.
  4. Add a logo: People identify your brand by your logo, so include it to your business card to boost brand awareness. Your logo should be simple yet catchy so people remember it even if they lose your card. You convey a lot about your brand via your logo, so add attractive graphic images to grab attention, where appropriate. That said, try to maintain a minimalism to your graphic design to add a sophisticated touch.
  5. Use interesting fonts: Using an interesting font for your text boosts the entire look of your business card. As typography evokes emotion, choosing the right style is necessary. Some people may even overlook your marketing message if the font is not attractive. Just be sure your content is legible, irrespective of font. Printing professionals can help you choose the typography style that best suits you.
  6. Opt for a high-quality material: An excellent material enhances the look of your business card, so do not compromise on quality just to save money. From plastic to recycled paper and foil, there are several material options from which to choose. If you are unsure which material works best, printing experts in Toronto and other parts of Canada can suggest a material to complement your brand’s personality.
  7. Go for special finishes: To add an elegant touch, consider a special finish. Perhaps use embossing to highlight your logo, or maybe add a 3D effect to images or graphics. If you include artwork on the card, consider adding light or shadow to your design. Letterpress printing can be a great choice, while foil stamping does wonders in highlighting text. To brighten up certain areas of your card, use spot UV. The kind of printing technique you choose depends on the shape, coating, and material of your business card.
  8. Have a QR code: QR codes set your business card apart from plain cards and act as a link between your online and offline promotional materials. If you want to provide more information about your business but use less space, QR codes are the ideal solution. You can also connect the QR code to your website, blogs, and videos for people to learn more about your brand.

When it comes to designing a business card for your brand, there is a wide range of printing and design options from which to choose. First, research business card design trends. Then, identify your needs and use your creativity to design a unique business card that will leave a lasting impression on clients. Consider your industry and the kind of work you do when making a business card to impress your target customer base.

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