Top 12 Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get You Noticed

Fri Jul , 2019

A good business card makes your brand stand out and builds brand awareness that impresses potential customers. By adding a creative touch to its design, your card helps create a positive image for your business and makes it more memorable. If you want to use your business card to connect with your target customers and sway them to take an interest in your brand, here are 12 easily implementable design ideas.

How to Make Your Business Card Unique and Attractive 

  1. Use foil: To add an elegant and upscale touch to your business card, choose foil stamping. The metallic detailing and advanced effects will make people perceive your product as having high value and quality. That said, maintain a high contrast between your card’s background colour and the foil stamp to give a balanced appearance.
  2. Add a pop of colour: Colours add meaning to a business card. For example, red makes a business look energetic, pink implies care, and brown gives the impression of orderliness. Utilize the psychology of colours to communicate your brand’s message. It will not only give your card a vibrant appearance but also help make an impression. Just make sure that impression is in sync with your marketing campaign.
  3. Keep text to a minimum: Keep marketing messages short and precise so as not to overshadow your card’s design. Include only relevant information about your business.
  4. Experiment with shapes: Ditching the traditional rectangle and trying out an unconventional shape is an excellent way to catch a customer’s attention. Modern printing techniques make it easy to create a business card in uncommon shapes and designs. A dentist might choose the shape of a tooth, or a jeweler, a diamond cut-out. This unique approach transforms your simple business card into visual shorthand for your brand.
  5. Multi-dimensional: A successful business card stays on a person’s mind for a long time, so try to show them something they have not seen before. Multidimensional cards, also known as tactile business cards, can make a powerful impact on potential customers in an easy way. With a multidimensional card, you incorporate unique design elements without missing out on the message.
  6. Go eco-friendly: Show that you care for the environment by using vegetable-based inks and recycled paper. This reflects your brand’s values, concern towards the environment, and helps build a positive association with potential customers.
  7. Emphasize your brand’s uniqueness: A well-designed business card not only reflects your brand’s image but also what you offer customers. Highlight something in your card that makes you unique and use it as a way to spread your message. For instance, your products are made of organic raw materials, or you are the first in your industry to introduce a specific product, or you have won an award for your services. Always emphasize your uniqueness.
  8. Add a vintage touch: When you combine retro designs with modern printing methods, your business card will look one-of-a-kind. Foil, etching, and tactile detailing complement most retro fonts and images. They can boost your card’s vintage as well as contemporary appearance.
  9. Splurge on watercolours: Watercolours add visual punch to business cards. Mix and match your favorite watercolour shades to create a unique design. Buy plain white cards and add personalized watercolour designs for the desired outcome.
  10. Make it magnetic: Go for a magnetic business card to stay ahead of your competitors. As you can print on only one side, you get only a little space to fill with designs. Using a magnetic business card will ensure it stays on your client’s refrigerator or cabinet for a long time and keeps it from landing in the trash, unlike paper cards.
  11. Opt for durable plastic: Use plastic instead of paper to create a transparent business card. As plastic is more durable, your card will last longer, with less risk of damage. Its uniqueness and overall visual appeal will make your brand outshine others.
  12. Include a QR code: A QR code on your business card will direct your target customers to your website when they scan it on their phones. Connect your QR code to your portfolio, a demo video, and a landing page where prospective clients can sign up or get more information.

Remember, your business card is more than just a vehicle for your phone number and email. It is a visual representation of you and your brand. People are handed business cards often, so yours should be exceptional. The above-mentioned design trends reflect how you can add uniqueness to your business card and strike a chord with customers. Get in touch with a leading printing service provider to help you design your business card exactly the way you want.