Business Card is the Best Marketing Tool – How Far is this True?

12 May

Business cards are an essential tool to advertise products or services. Believe it or not, they are trusted media to reveal your identity amongst prospective customers. Often businesspersons create leaflets, brochures, flyers and give them out to several people with the hope of turning them their future clients. You can make your business card of different shape, size and color depending on your need. Read on to know why business cards are the best marketing tool to take your business to the next level of success.


Make your business card attractive: Business cards should be made in a way that shows important information about your product and entice customers to purchase your service. They should be much more than talking to potential clients with the purpose of selling your business. Cards that perform multi-task at a time are seen more frequently than average business cards.

Give discounts to new customers: When handing out business cards for the sake of making profit, you should provide coupons and discounts to new customers. They may show interest towards your business and become future customers. In case the present business card design and offers do not fetch you desired results, you can always try out another for grabbing attention of people towards your business.

Add credibility with customer testimonials: Testimonials speak a lot about the authenticity of your business. Your previous customers must have been satisfied with your products/services and as such, they have shared their opinion about your business. These positive feedbacks help you approach you next set of customers.

Put your photo on the business card: Adding your photograph on the business card will let your business stand out from the rest and provide your own identity. A photo will add awareness of your company’s brand and enable more people to like your business. You can also include pictures of some of your most popular products to draw attention of customers towards them.

Make the handoff unforgettable: The physical act of exchanging your business card is something more valuable than the card itself. You can use it as means of conversation starter to know the needs, hobbies or interests of the other person. While you give out business cards, ask when you can follow them up and leave a message about the worth of using your products and services. Many people may be in search of the products and services you provide and may respond quickly.

A good business card will surely deliver your message to potential customers. Although your card cannot convey the entire story about your company, yet it will present a professional image that people will remember. The texture, color and words used on the business card can be thought-arousing. It is advisable that you design a prim and professional business card delivering precise information to grab the attention of your target customers.

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