Cost-Effective Printing Methods for Small Business in Toronto

Thu Dec , 2021

Whether you’re launching a new business or have been operating one for decades, developing effective promotional campaigns is crucial to your success.

Print advertising has been a traditional component of such campaigns, but the rise of digital marketing has led to questions about print’s ongoing efficacy.

Are you still debating the effectiveness of print for your business?

Here, we will discuss five print promotional methods, including business cards, brochures, and flyers, to increase your business.

5 Printing Methods to Get Your Brand Noticed

Whether it is business cards, brochure printing, or banner printing, print is all about generating visibility and promoting your business in a cost-effective way. With the development of new technology and the increasing popularity of digital, print marketing has become a cost-effective way to bring in new clients and generate revenue.

Here we will talk about five cost-effective printing methods to increase your sales and ROI.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are a staple of communicating and promoting your brand. They showcase your logo, business name, address, phone number, website, and social media links. Though often overlooked, business cards often create a client’s first impression of your company. So, always try to deliver your message in an innovative and attention-grabbing way to convey who you are and stand out from the crowd. Instead of going for simple black and white, think about creating personalized business cards featuring original artwork and visuals.

Micro Printing can set our clients apart from their competitors by printing seasonal business cards in a range of themes and backgrounds according to their business profile.

2. Postcards

According to research, postcards are more than 6x more likely (94% versus 14%) to be read than direct mail. That’s why we consider business postcards an excellent and cost-effective print marketing solution to get your brand recognized. Postcards can be extremely versatile, and you can use them to target specific geographical areas so that you can measure your response and return rate.

Their eye-catching and easy-to-read nature makes them preferable to readers. So, keep content and design simple, so your client can quickly scan them for important details. The more times they interact with substantive material highlighting your brand, the more likely it is that customers will select it over others.

3. Brochures

If you want your customers to know about your products and services, brochures are an elegant solution. You can include specific details such as prices, product information, and your business hours.

Brochures Printing in Toronto

Brochures market your company effectively. For example, say you’re at a trade show and don’t have time to talk to business owners or potential partners. A brochure gives them the information they need to initiate a dialogue at a later date. Or if you are not physically present to explain your services or product, clients can educate themselves through your brochures.

Brochures provide an extremely convenient and efficient means of communication that allows clients to feel informed and confident at each stage of their purchasing journey.

4. Posters & Banners

Posters and banners are some of the most timeless print marketing tools to help you reach a larger audience. A creative and effective banner can attract everyone who passes by.

You can also customize their sizes and shapes. So, if you are starting with a small business, and you have a tight budget, you can go with mini-posters that are cheaper than full-sized ones. When you need a greater visual impact (and have the budget), go for larger ones.

If you are sponsoring a local event or participating in a community activity banners can help you get a lot of exposure. They are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to transport, and you can easily hang them from poles, posts, or trees. Like posters, banners can also reach the same customers again and again.

5. Flyers

Flyers are the most versatile and affordable printing material to convey your message to clients. You can distribute them in person, or via direct mail or in-store.

You can use flyer marketing for your clients. Furthermore, you can share promotional offers, announcements, and information about upcoming sales or events. Make it eye-catching and add a personal touch to connect with customers. At Micro Printing, you can get high-quality customized prints at competitive pricing.

While business owners are always looking for innovative ways to reach out to customers, print media marketing continues to be a low-cost and highly-effective way to promote your business. Do you want to know the most suitable printing material to promote your business? Contact Micro Printing’s experts today at 905-670-7309.