Making Digital and Print Marketing Work Together

Wed Jan , 2018

In order to maximize results for both digital and print marketing, it’s important for businesses to find different ways of integrating the best of print and online media. There are some ways of incorporating both digital and print marketing and making them work together.

digital and print marketing

Here are a few tips.

  • Keeping a steady brand presence

It doesn’t matter whether a potential client is seeing your brand on a screen or a piece of paper, it’s important to have consistent colours, messaging, wording, fonts and more. If your print and digital marketing styles are inconsistent, they’ll most likely work against each other and may even result in decreasing your brand’s strength. Hence, remember to keep all your campaigns over every channel consistent with each other.

  • Incorporating print into online platforms

Digital ads, social media and other online platforms can be used to leverage your existing print marketing materials in an effective way. Using the exact same postcard or flyer in a digital form on a banner ad or a Facebook post can provide positive results. This helps you save money by removing the need to design new displays and graphics while ensuring it creates consistency among all your channels.

  • Integrating digital on to print media

Incorporating digital resources into your print marketing can add new elements to print media. When you use your brand’s Facebook name, twitter hashtag or your website URL, you’re enabling your clients to be able to engage with your company on a much deeper level than simply viewing your print. Additionally, it also reinforces your brand across both channels.

  • Exploring the potential of variable printing

As user information and online data are taken out in detail, it enables different marketing teams to personalize print for individuals. Also referred to as variable printing, it means knowing about the products and supplies which someone has purchased or browsed through recently. This provides the opportunity for you to customise your mailing as well as print media for various groups of people.

  • Coordinating departments and strategies

This is perhaps the biggest challenge while creating a marketing campaign across different platforms. Internal coordination is imperative to allow data being shared across various departments. This ensures that a complete picture is visible by all and your strategies are adjusted accordingly.

Both print and digital marketing will play a big role in our world in the coming years. It’s the ability to weave both these channels together into one seamless brand which sets companies apart.