Digital Printing: 7 Facts You May Not Know

Wed Feb , 2022

Digital printing has become a preferred printing method for both small and large business marketing. However, not being aware of its many features may make you apprehensive about adopting this newer printing method.

But the facts are plain: digital printing in Toronto is an efficient and modern method of printing. These facts will help you understand what makes it so special.

What Makes Digital Printing Unique and Amazing

1. It Is a Non-Contact Process

In digital printing, there is no contact between paper and printer. Instead, computer-operated inkjet nozzles spray the ink onto the paper. No contact is one reason why digital printing works best for clean custom finishes because there is no chance of smudging. You can use this method to print business cards, envelopes, card stock, or any print job that requires a unique code or address.

Card Printing in Toronto

2. It Is Eco Friendly

Digital printing doesn’t use water-based inks, coatings, or powders. So, if you are eco-conscious, this printing method is the best choice because it uses little water.

Although eco-friendly products and processes are usually pricey, there are ways you can keep your costs down. This includes using less-expensive materials and simpler designs and finishes.

3. Digital Printing Is Faster

Compared to offset printing, digital printing is much faster as there is less setup. Lithographic jobs need to be set up weeks before printing, with plates prepared days before the project goes to print. Therefore, it is practically impossible to include last-minute changes.

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Unlike offset printing, digital printing uses computers which significantly cut down preparation time and labour. Hence, it is your best option if you are on a deadline.

4. It Has No Minimum Order Amount

Digital printing doesn’t have minimum order amounts, plate costs, or set-up charges, so it is cost-effective. Many machines using digital printing technology can print and finish the final product simultaneously.

5. Experience Matters in Digital Printing

When it comes to digital printing, the operator’s experience matters more than how much the job costs. So, always make sure the printer you choose is knowledgeable.

6. It Accommodates Last-Minute Changes

Digital printing is all about variable data and imaging and, as mentioned, doesn’t require extensive prep or setup time. This gives digital printing a new level of personalization and customization. Also, you can easily change the content of the project while it is getting printed.

7. Digital Printing Is a Recent Development

Printing came into existence in the early 1400s, but digital printing only came into play around 1993, with Indigo’s E-Print 1000 being the first printer of its kind. Today, digital printing is a preferred printing method because of its flexibility and low cost.

8. It Delivers Great Results

Quality is never compromised in digital printing because it is a controlled and automated process. The colours are vibrant and reliable and the printed lines are always visible and defined.

Also, you get many more colour options in digital printing than with any other printing method, so you will get a better-looking, higher-quality product. And since every print is automated, each result will be identical.

9. It Has to Be Perfect Down to the Centimeter

Every image must be reproduced perfectly, down to every last detail. And the colour match should be exact as well. If colour files are affected in the conversion process, the shades in the resulting print might not have the exact same shade you chose at the beginning.

These facts say a lot about the benefits of digital printing. It is a cost-effective process and can be used for smaller printing jobs. It gives you the liberty to have a prototype and the ability to make last-minute changes. Also, with its automated method, you can avoid the common business card or brochure printing mistakes that usually happen in traditional printing. Always remember to pick an experienced printer over cost. Even if digital printing sounds easy, it requires expertise as one little mistake can change the look of the entire project.