Digital Printing: How It Works and What Are Its Advantages?

Mon Dec , 2018

Printing has come a long way since its inception in Ancient China. What began as traditional woodblock printing has now reached its modern form called digital printing which is a faster, easier and more cost-effective alternative to the previous printing methods. This process eliminates the mechanical steps and brings out the best results possible. That’s why digital printing has become the go-to option for businesses who want to make the most of their printing projects.

If you’re unsure about using the digital printing process to print your business cards, brochures or pamphlets, then go through this blog post to learn about how digital printing works and what are the advantages it offers for businesses.

How Does Digital Printing Work?

How Does Digital Printing Work

Digital printing, as the name suggests, is the method of printing from a digital image directly to a variety of media substrates. Unlike offset printing which uses wet ink and transfers the same image via printing plates, this modern process skips the plate entirely and prints directly on the material. Digital files or desktop publishing files are directly sent to the printer which prints the image captured in pixels.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Printing?

Digital printing is an economically viable way to produce high-quality prints. It is one of the most preferred printing choices for business because it offers several advantages. Some are listed below.

1) High-Quality Prints

The digital printing process is an excellent choice for producing high-quality images even if the digital image to be printed is of low resolution. The use of advanced technology has enabled digital printing to surpass the image quality produced by offset printing. The pigment or toner produced by digital printers doesn’t permeate the substrate, instead forms a think layer on the surface, thus producing sharp lines and superior-quality images on the printed material.

2) Quick Turnaround

One of the greatest advantages of digital printing is that it prints faster than the conventional printing methods involving plates. You simply need to upload a high-resolution file in a digital format such as PDF, JPG, TIFF or EPS and the digital printer will take care of the rest. You don’t need to take care of the pre-press procedures or change the plate. The printed image will be produced quickly ensuring faster turnaround for business to accelerate their direct mail marketing campaign.

3) Cost-Effectiveness

It is true that digital printing has a higher cost per page compared to traditional offset printing. However, when you consider the initial set up cost, digital printing is a cost-effective option. The cost involved to make printing plates and setting up the offset printing press is more than the cost of inkjet or laser printers and stationery. There is less investment in digital printing as it eliminates the technical steps of printing through plates, thus ensuring cost-effectiveness.

4) Customization

Digital Printing for Businesses Customization

Unlike the lithographic printing process where you can’t change the plate’s content, the digital process enables you to customize each print unit to give a unique look to each printed material. For example, when printing a flyer, if you want to change a flyer’s design for personalized direct mail campaign, you can easily do that by making changes in the digital file without much hassle.

5) Colour Accuracy

Apart from the quality of the printed material, colour accuracy is also a great advantage of choosing the digital printing method to print your corporate stationery. Since the digital process is good for a small run, you can print samples to check whether you’re getting the colour and print exactly what you envisioned or not. If you’re not getting the desired result, then you can make changes accordingly before printing the entire lot.

Digital printing gives you enough reasons to choose it for printing your corporate stationery items. It is the best option to print small batches with ease and accuracy to get superior quality at relatively lower costs. Get in touch with Micro Printing for cost-effective digital printing services in and around Toronto. Brochures, pamphlets, postcards and business cards; we print them all.