Dos and Don’ts of Flyer Design

Wed Sep , 2018

Dos and Don’ts of Flyer Design

Whether you’re organizing a sale, launching a product or opening a new store at a nearby location, you need to advertise. Apart from announcing it on television or in the local newspaper, flyers are an effective direct marketing tool. They can also help you promote your business or special event on a budget. Some of the most common ways to deliver flyers is as newspaper inserts, in door-to-door mail drop, hand-delivered in the street or instore distribution. But before you print flyers, you need to create a spectacular design to make sure that it converts.

Review this blog post to understand the dos and don’ts to follow when designing a good flyer to attract your target audience.


1) Use a Catchy Headline

The first thing the recipient reads on a flyer is the headline. Make sure that you use an informative, catchy statement that tells the audience what the flyer is about at first glance. Some businesses make the mistake of using the company name instead of a headline. However, it’s important to remember that it’s a tool for promoting what you offer, not a business card.

2) Include Your Buyer Personas

This applies to all marketing tools that you design. You should always focus on including the buyer persona in the flyer so that the content appeals to them. Use the elements you know your target audience appreciates and draft the copy accordingly. For example, include the language they speak, the icon they recognize and the photographs they can relate to.

3) Keep It Simple

Simple designs are always recommended for flyers so they convey your message clearly. The recipient should be able to have an idea of what you’re offering by looking at the flyer within 3 seconds. Use clear and precise text, visually pleasing colour, balanced white space and uncluttered design to create a simple, yet functional flyer.

4) Use Consistent Colours and Graphics

The colours and graphics used to design the flyer should be consistent with your brand. For example, if you’re promoting sports shoes, include an image of a sweating runner to make it relevant, rather than abstract pictures. Also, choose colours from your logo’s palette to make the flyer relatable.


1) Don’t Include Too Much Information

Trying to say too much about your product or service in the flyer can land you in trouble. Adding a lot of text and images will confuse the reader and make your flyer look cluttered. Include only relevant information and leave white space to balance the design and make the flyer visually appealing and readable.

2) Don’t Omit Call to Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is an important design element to include in any direct marketing initiative. In the absence of a clear CTA, the audience will be unable to understand what you’re offering. Make sure you include a prominent and direct CTA in the design to ensure that the flyer converts your recipients into customers.

3) Don’t List Your Services

No doubt you should advertise the key features of your products or services, but the audience will be interested only in the benefits. The content must mention common problems customers face and how you can solve them. For example, instead of stating that you provide printing services, identify how your services offer high-quality and error-free brochures, magazines and corporate stationery items within their budget.

If you’re interested in running a direct marketing campaign, you must focus on creating an effective flyer that converts. Consider the above-mentioned dos and don’ts when designing flyers to maximize your chances of promoting your products and winning the audience. Once you’ve prepared the layout, contact Micro Printing to get them professionally printed at budget-friendly prices.