Exposing the Myths: Understanding Digital Printing in Toronto

17 Jul

Digital printing has revolutionized the printing industry in Toronto as elsewhere by offering businesses convenience, flexibility, and high-quality print products.

However, despite its popularity, there are still misconceptions about digital printing.

In this post, Micro Printing, a leading printing company serving Mississauga and Toronto, demystifies these common misconceptions by shedding light on the realities of digital printing.

Let’s get started.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Digital Printing in Toronto

There are a number of misconceptions about digital printing services in Toronto. Here, we examine the truth behind them.

1. Misconception: Digital Printing Is Only Suitable for Small-Scale Printing

Contrary to popular belief, digital printing is highly scalable and can handle large print volumes efficiently. With advancements in technology, digital printing presses can now produce top-quality prints at high speeds. From billboards to event banners, digital printing has proven its effectiveness in handling large-format prints.

2. Misconception: Digital Printing Is Expensive

Digital printing is actually a cost-effective solution for short print runs and on-demand printing. Its reduced setup costs and minimal waste of materials offer greater savings than traditional printing methods.

Misconception: Digital Printing Is Expensive

Several factors influence the cost of digital printing, including print quantity, print size and finishing options. For example, finishing options such as laminating, binding, or embossing can add value to printed materials but increases your costs. In addition, larger and better quality prints require more ink, to which a cost is attached.

3. Misconception: Digital Printing Offers a Limited Colour Range and Does Not Reproduce Colour Accurately

Digital printing is capable of reproducing a wide range of vibrant colours accurately thanks to advances in colour management systems and calibration techniques.

For example, digital printing enables businesses to create product catalogues that showcase their offerings in vivid and accurate colours. Whether your business is fashion, home decor, electronics or otherwise, digital prints can accurately represent the colours and textures of your products. This allows customers to make more informed decisions based on the visual representation of the items, leading to a better shopping experience.

4. Misconception: Digital Printing Does Not Allow for Personalization

Contrary to this misconception, digital printing offers huge possibilities for personalization. With digital printing technology, businesses in Toronto can easily incorporate variable data and customize each print piece to meet individual customer needs. Whether it’s customized promotional materials or personalized direct mail campaigns or packaging, digital printing lets businesses create unique and targeted customer experiences.

By leveraging these advanced printing capabilities, digital printing companies empower businesses to deliver highly personalized and impactful printed materials that effectively engage their target audience.

5. Misconception: Digital Printing Quality Is Not On Par with Offset Printing

Digital printing has made significant advancements in quality and now rivals offset printing. With modern digital printing technology, businesses can achieve exceptional print quality that matches or even exceeds that of offset printing.

For example, improvements in ink formulations and substrate compatibility have contributed to the superior print quality of digital printing. Whether we are looking at fine text, intricate designs, or high-resolution images, digital printing companies can deliver remarkable quality that meets the expectations of businesses and customers alike.

6. Misconception: Digital Printing Is Not Good for the Environment

Contrary to this myth, digital printing is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. Digital printing has made significant strides in reducing its environmental impact. It does so by eliminating the need for pre-press processes like plate-making which reduces chemical usage and waste.

Digital printing also allows for on-demand printing which minimizes excess inventory and reduces paper waste. These efforts collectively make digital printing a more sustainable choice for businesses concerned about their environmental footprint.

7. Misconception: There Are Limited Design and Finishing Options

Digital printing offers exceptional design flexibility, allowing businesses to create intricate designs and gradients with ease. With advanced software and hardware capabilities, digital printers can accommodate diverse design requirements and ensure precise reproductions.

For example, digital printing enables the production of highly-detailed product labels, intricate packaging designs, or complex illustrations with smooth gradients. Digital printing techniques also include a wide range of finishing options, such as embossing, spot UV coating, and foil stamping. These techniques add a premium touch to prints and elevate the product’s overall visual appeal.

8. Misconception: Digital Printing Is Slow and Inefficient

Digital printing ensures quick turnaround times, making it ideal for tight deadlines and time-sensitive projects. From business cards to brochures, digital printing ensures efficient production without compromising quality.

9. Misconception: Digital Printing Sacrifices Print Quality

Digital printing technology has evolved significantly, enabling high-resolution prints with exceptional quality. Modern digital printers utilize advanced print heads and ink formulations to reproduce sharp details and vibrant colours.

When it comes to marketing and advertising materials for your Toronto business, digital printing offers excellent print quality. Whether you need brochures, flyers, or postcards, digital printers can reproduce intricate designs, small text, and vibrant colours with exceptional accuracy.


Hopefully now you have a clearer understanding of the capabilities, benefits, and environmental considerations surrounding digital printing in Toronto. Digital printing is scalable, offers high-quality output, and provides cost-effective solutions for various print needs. It is versatile in terms of its use of substrates, designs, and finishing options, allowing for creative and customized prints. By dispelling these myths, we encourage readers to embrace digital printing as a reliable, versatile, and environmentally-conscious printing solution in Toronto. To learn more, contact Micro Printing. Our cutting-edge facility and expert team are committed to offering excellent digital printing solutions. From black & white to full colour, we offer a wide range of printing services for small and large format jobs.


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