Great Tips to Design Your Exclusive Business Card

16 Jun

Introduce yourself and your business in style with an impressive business card. Did you just raise your brows in doubt? You must be wondering that, in today’s digital world, business cards hardly play the role that they did initially. But the fact is that we do not use business cards in the same way they were used earlier. They serve as an ambassador for your business and an extension of your professional image. Read on to explore how you can design a business card that leaves a lasting impact on the mind of the recipient.

business card

  • Create simple yet attractive business card: You want to create business cardsthat can be used easily. Unlike most designs that have various tricks, try to make something that is simple yet best for your business. Organize your card in a way that you can add your name, business name, address, phone number, email address, logo of your business and other relevant information. Select an appropriate font size that is decipherable. Use either black or the darker shades of blue, brown and grey to write all information on the business card.
  • Stick to good quality of your business card: The main purpose of creating business card is to add to-the-point information about your business. As such, you should treat business card like a marketing tool and use it for promoting your products and services. If you want to use your business card for creating first impression or acting as conversation starter, then use thick paper that has several layers of stock together.
  • Promote business by using backside of the cardYou can use the rear side of the card for the promotion of your brand or business message. Apart from business the logo, some businesses put miniature photographs to acquaint customers to their products. You will be able to stay ahead of your competitors over time, by providing substantial information in a compact and crisp manner in the form of an attractive business card.
  • Get in touch with a professional for business needs – It is quite obvious that, you do not want to present something that is confusing, badly designed or unprofessional. The card should reflect information about your business that might grab attention of people towards your products and services. Graphic designers create attractive designs that look professional. Experienced B-card designers guide your choice of paper and ink that are well worth your hard-earned money. You should not overlook the importance of the inputs you get from such professionals.

Impact is what matters the most. Your business card is the first impression that people will have in their minds when they look for your business products and services. They are more like messengers of your business and the message they bear should be impactful. You should make the maximum use of these purposeful and staunch messengers.


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