How Printed RSVP Cards Can Bring Better Success to Your Business Event

16 Jun

If you’re organizing a business event for your customers, its success depends on how many guests turn out for the event. When you send a professionally designed and printed invitation along with an RSVP card to your guests, they’ll be excited. It’ll make them feel important and enhance the chances of their participation in your event.

Printed RSVP Cards

Be it a grand opening, a product launch, a success party or some other special event, include a beautifully designed RSVP card where guests can respond back to you if they’ll attend your event or not.

There’s no rule for wording RSVPs. You can write according to your formal business style or be creative and include humour.  However, apart from the introductory words, the basic format of a formal business RSVP card should include:

  • The response date by which your guests need to respond back.
  • Spaces to write names and phone numbers.
  • A space to check “Yes” or “No” regarding acceptance or decline of the invitation.

Don’t forget to put your RSVP card inside a stamped and self-addressed envelope so that guests can easily return the response cards.

Below we’ve listed some examples as to how printed RSVP cards can help you make a positive impact on your guests.

  1. They bring an Impression of Exclusivity to Your Event

 Including a printed RSVP card with your formal business invitation is an excellent way to make your event stand out. Usually, invitations mention to RSVP via email or telephone or a written message. In such cases, the guests must send their response in their own stationery. But when you, as a business, provide your own designed stationery which guests only need to fill out by hand and send back, it becomes an elegant addition to your invitation.

  1. They’re Personal

 A printed stylish RSVP card conveys the effort and thought you’ve put in for your guests. Psychologically, it gives your guests a positive feeling about your event and stirs greater interest. It makes them think that you’ve put a lot more effort in organizing and designing your event and prompts them to answer your RSVP in affirmative.

  1. They Have a Physical Presence

 Just like any other printed materials, a printed RSVP card can be held and admired. It has a stronger ability to retain the attention of your guests over digital alternatives. A digital invitation and RSVP can get lost in the sea of emails of an inbox. The physical presence of a printed card will also ensure that guests remember to respond back as soon as possible every time they see it.

Whether you prefer a vintage, classic or modern style response card complementing your brand and event theme, any of these options will help you get a better response. Design your RSVP cards and customize them according to your needs. To get high-quality prints, invest in a reputed printing service that will assist you in choosing the best printing options for your cards at affordable prices.

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