How Can Printed Marketing Materials Help You Build a Brand?

05 Feb

Even in the digital age, when online methods like social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO have shown clear success, print marketing remains relevant.

A 2016 survey showed that while 88% of audiences will view a print ad for 2.8 seconds, only 4% of digital ads are viewed longer than 2 seconds. Indeed, 35% of digital ads receive zero views. This suggests that marketers should put greater reliance on printed materials in their marketing strategies.

In this post, you will learn why print media is beneficial. We will also explore how to use it to boost your brand awareness and why Micro Printing is the best printing service in Toronto to create it.

3 Benefits of Using Print to Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential part of growing your business. It establishes your brand’s presence in the market and helps differentiate your products from those of your competitors.

In today’s market, digital media is prominent because of its ability to be tracked. For example, it enables marketers to identify most-viewed content, the time visitors spend on ads, and when conversions happen.

But marketers continue to include traditional print media as a part of their marketing mix. Indeed, one survey found that 82% of respondents prefer print ads in newspapers and magazines to ads on digital channels.

The following are key reasons to use print media to boost your brand awareness.

1. It Creates an Emotional Connection

A recent neuroscience study concluded that print – including print ads – creates a more powerful emotional resonance with customers than digital. This is because the parts of the brain that absorb and store visual information are more active when viewing print. That’s why potential customers feel more connected to your business when they see your print ads. It creates a specific brand perception in the minds of readers which helps to enhance brand awareness.

2. It Is Easier to Absorb and Remember

Print is easier to understand and remember than digital ads. Indeed, research shows that an average human brain uses 21% more cognitive effort to process digital information than print. That’s why consumers find it easier to absorb print marketing messages than digital ones. The same study further demonstrates that 75% of people exposed to print ads are more likely to recall the brand compared to 44% of those who viewed digital ads.

3. It Outperforms All Digital Materials

Digital Printing
Another study found that print media outperformed digital materials in nearly every metric. This includes review time, stimulation, memory, speed, confidence, desirability, and valuation.
The takeaway is that the ideal marketing mix is a combination of digital and print. Indeed, effective print advertisements can drive digital purchases.

If you are wondering how to enhance the effectiveness of your print media campaigns, keep reading.

How to Increase the Impact of Your Print Media Campaigns

Follow these guidelines to enhance the effectiveness of your print media campaigns.

• Promote a Single Message

If you want your brand message to be heard and remembered, decide on a single, simple message. Don’t be tempted to use more words because you have the space. Instead, keep your text short and use a single image to communicate your specific message. That will help you increase brand awareness.

• Maintain Consistency

Whenever you are creating any kind of print marketing material, maintain consistency in terms of using a logo, colours, fonts, typography, and images.

• Plan the Best Combination of Colours

Choose colours that will align with the feel of your brand and help the reader focus on your message. The idea is to make it easy for them to recall your ad.

This means you should match these colours with the brand logo. If you are creating a logo or plan to change an existing one, remember to make it visually striking. This will increase its recall value among your audience.

• Use Different Types of Print Media

Because different types of people prefer different types of print media, it’s a good idea to use a variety. These include:

When creating a print ad, consider the target audience to enhance its effectiveness. These ads can be interest- or industry-based or target a particular gender or locality.

• Pay Attention to Quality and Detailing

Building a successful brand means paying attention to each small detail of your content and design. That can even include packaging, packing slips, letterheads, and invoices. Make sure all your print materials reflect your brand. For example, if you are developing a luxury brand, ensure that your paper, graphics, design, and packaging all reflect that high level of quality.

• Monitor Performance

It is difficult to track the performance of print media campaigns compared to digital ones because print ads don’t generate an analytics report.

There are, however, other ways to determine the campaign’s effectiveness. You may, for instance, notice a spike in website traffic if the print campaign is directed to a landing page. Or, you can use a promo number or tracking code to track sales resulting from the ad. Or, you can include a phone number or email address on print materials to better track traffic.

If you are planning a brand awareness campaign and looking to include high-quality print materials, contact Micro Printing. Our print marketing materials can help shape consumer perceptions by increasing your brand awareness; this includes a consumer’s ability to recall and recognize your brand. As a marketer you should utilize the dual power of print and digital marketing strategies to achieve your key objectives.

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