How Poster Marketing Can Strengthen Your Brand Value in 2022

Mon Dec , 2021

Almost every passing year brings new digital avenues for advertising, like emails, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. But poster marketing remains a key way to get your message out, whether you’re a large or small business.

With many businesses planning to refurbish their marketing strategies in 2022, we spoke to our printing service experts in Mississauga to find out how poster marketing can strengthen your brand.

Let’s learn about them.

Poster Marketing: Effective Strategies & Benefits

Research shows that people are 70% more likely to remember or recall a brand advertised in print compared to digital ads (44%). So, if you are planning to promote a poster marketing campaign in Toronto or other parts of the GTA, you will get positive feedback on your brand awareness. Keep reading to learn how poster printing is important to build and enhance your brand in a meaningful way.

1. Higher Visibility

Marketing experts know the value of a ‘perfectly placed poster’ to captivate the attention of potential customers. Because of their size and visual impact, they are highly visible. A compelling visual with a unique pictorial message can effectively increase your company’s visibility. You can improve response by customizing posters for the different areas you place them in. Promote them in heavy foot-traffic areas for maximum visibility to convert viewers into prospective customers.

2. More Credibility

As per a report, social media has become a hub for starting scams online through ads. This is why traditional print media options like newspapers, magazines, and posters have more credibility than online ads or social media messaging. So, in 2022, opt for poster printing in Toronto. Their long-term exposure will increase the consumer recall rate of your brand and make them feel more trustworthy than online advertisements. They also increase the chance that the viewer will convert into a customer.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Another great advantage of poster advertising is that it’s more affordable than other advertising media. The impact of Google Ads is temporary, so you need to run them multiple times. Posters, however, don’t cost much to manufacture, print, and post. Even if you want to customize their colour, size and style, they are still a cost-effective investment as they can be bought in bulk to deliver a high return.

Printing in Toronto

So, if you want to advertise special brand offers and discounts to the wide audience of Mississauga at a larger scale, posters are a strong strategy.

4. Flexibility & Versatility

The traditional poster size is 24” x 36”, but you can customize their dimensions as per your choice. You can also convey any message in a creative way using eye-catching fonts, bold graphics, huge headlines, and smaller print that compels people to come closer. The more versatile your poster, the better, as it will grab more customer attention.

You can also target demographics that your business will appeal to by placing your posters selectively.

5. Emotional Connection Leads to CTA

A well-positioned poster creates a local impact by influencing a customer’s subconscious responses. A well-thought-out poster arouses empathy that connects your brand or product directly to your target customer. That creates an emotional connection and respect for the brand. This is important to strengthen your brand’s value and awareness. So always ensure the different elements of your marketing program align, such as content, colour, design, and logo to create that impact.

When that symmetry happens and people are convinced of your brand value, that’s when your call to action (CTA) is required. This is where you tell them exactly what you would like them to do. ‘Book now’ and ‘Call today’ are CTAs that can convert passers-by into customers.

Does your business need posters printed for a 2022 ad campaign? Micro Printing offers printing services in Mississauga for customers in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. If you require any help regarding posters, brochures, banners, and flyer printing, call us at 905-670-7309 or visit us online. We will be happy to meet you for a design consultation and help you produce high-quality and affordable posters.