How to Choose a Good Printing Company

Wed Feb , 2018

Similar to any other service supplier, a good printing company can make a big difference to your business. Choosing a company for your business that provides the perfect services to improve your overall marketing appeal is extremely important. It greatly helps in furthering your image and enhancing your brand awareness among the consumers.

Unfortunately, not all printing companies are always up to the task. Here are some tips and considerations to have in mind when looking for the right printing company for your business.

  • Compare costs

Comparing the costs between numerous companies is a crucial task when selecting a good printing company, since it will save you unnecessary expenses while improving your bottom-line. Remember that the company that provides the cheapest service won’t necessarily be the best fit for you. Make sure that you’re getting the services worth the fees they are charging.

Perhaps one of the most easily overlooked aspects is the cost of delivery or shipping. This may be a hidden fee that the printing company may charge you separately later. Hence, when researching prices, make sure you look for these figures in order to get a precise idea of the total cost.

  • Check the quality of their work

Although the cost of the printed material is important, the quality of the work provided by the printing company is possibly even more vital to your business. Even if you’re paying very little, if the quality isn’t up to the mark, it defeats the purpose of finding the most cost-efficient provider in the market. Asking the company about the kind of printer that they use is a good way to decipher their printing quality. You may also take a look at their portfolio to see the kind of work that they’ve already done. Digital and traditional printers have their pros and cons and knowing exactly what’s best for you will make your search easier.

  • Know the customer service

Knowing about the kind of customer service you’ll receive from the printing company is extremely important as all printers may not have the same level of comprehensiveness. Try and find out if they have an account manager who dedicatedly handles your account and ask exactly what his/her job description involves. You will certainly have a better experience when you find someone you can trust.

  • Ask about their turnaround time

Some colour printing companies may offer great deals on business cards. However, time could be a potential problem. When you have infinite time in your hands, you have nothing to lose when hiring such company to do the job. However, successful businesses don’t have that amount of time on their hands. You must look for a printing company that clearly discloses its turnaround time and gives a proper time frame to the fast-paced business world.

Don’t pick a printing company for your business blindly. There are numerous options available. It may be confusing initially and you might even feel lost before you find the kind of service you’re looking for. By following these guidelines, you will avoid some of the basic issues that new print buyers face.