6 Simple Tricks to Increase the Impact of Your Direct Mail

Thu Apr , 2019

Direct mail is experiencing a massive boom in the current digital age. This old marketing tactic has emerged as the go-to tool of marketers looking for an effective way to grab the attention of target customers. The reason for the rise in popularity is its potential to create a lasting effect on the customers which digital advertising often fails to offer. That’s why more businesses are printing direct mails such as postcards, flyers and catalogues.

However, there are many marketers who are unaware of the power of direct mail and are unable to make an impression. Fear not! This blog post aims to provide six simple tricks that can boost your direct mail marketing return on investment and increase its impact.

How to Boost Direct Mail ROI

1.  Include Materials that Stick Around

One thing that can make or break the overall impression of your direct mail is what’s included in it. If your direct mail features something worth keeping, displaying or sharing, it will definitely be a big hit among the receivers. Coupons, restaurant menus and sales flyers are some of the examples of direct mail materials that stick around. It is advisable to design a mail that offers immediate or future value to the customers or else it will turn into just another piece of paper tossed in the trash can.


printed brochures and flyers


2.  Print in Brand Colours

The appearance of your direct mail is crucial to get the attention of your customers. To make an impression with your brochures, catalogues and coupons, choose bold colours and illustrations that catch attention. Using your brand colours will be a good idea as the customers will be able to relate to it. Also, include attractive pictures and go for an unusual size for your direct mail to stand out from the competitors.

3. Identify Your Target Audience

Irrespective of the alluring offers and eye-catching illustrations, your direct mail will fail to get responses if it is not sent to your target audience. That’s why it is essential to first know your audience instead of blindly hoping that your mail is reaching the right customers. Identify a niche you want to target, for example, families with children will be the target customers for a company selling toys or stationery items. Even if you reduce the mailing but send it only to the correct people, it will stand a better chance of making an impression or getting responses.

4.  Make It Interactive

Interactive advertisements are more to get attention compared to the ones without a personal approach. Count on it by asking interesting questions on the envelope so that receivers will have to open up the envelope to get the answer. For example,

  • Do you dream of going on a world tour?
  • What if we say we can help you reduce your grocery bill by 30%?
  • Are you planning to buy a new car?

Apart from asking interesting questions, making a statement about offering compelling benefits to the customer is also a great way of boosting your direct mail ROI. Here are a few examples.

  • Fulfil Your Dream of Going on a World Tour – Deets inside
  • Reduce your grocery bills by 30% – Look inside to find out how
  • A new car is now affordable – Open to know more

5.  Add an Expiration Date to Offers

The thumb rule to get your customers to act fast and feel motivated to respond to your direct mail is to add an expiration date to the deals you’re offering. If you simply give a coupon code without an expiry, the customers will easily ignore it thinking they’ll use it some other time. But, if there is a time frame to avail the offer, they’ll instantly act to make the most of this opportunity. As a result, you’ll easily get responses and the motive of your direct mail will be fulfilled.


printed brochures and flyers


6.  Choose High-Quality Printing

The print quality of your direct mail plays a vital role in making the first impression. If the print is hazy, dull and difficult to read, it will give a casual, unprofessional and unreliable image of the brand. On the contrary, if your direct mail printing is of high-quality, it will automatically make your brand more reliable and credible for the customers, thus generating more leads.

Direct mails are definitely a great way to reach your customers. This marketing tool has gained popularity because print is memorable and is considered a more intimate approach in today’s noisy digital world. However, not all direct mails are fruitful. You should know the tactics to make an impact with it so to get good returns on investment. The above-mentioned ideas will help you get more responses from your direct mail by making a positive impression on the customers. Incorporate these ideas when printing direct mail such as brochures, postcards and sales flyers and see the difference.