How to Utilize Oversized Postcards for Your Marketing Campaigns

18 May

Postcards are a powerful tool for direct marketing with a proven record of results in terms of ROI.  They’re available in various sizes that can be utilized according to your marketing campaign goals. These days, oversized postcards are one of the hottest direct marketing trends that are gaining popularity among marketers. Oversized postcards provide many advertising and promotional opportunities.

oversized postcards

Why is Size Important?

 When your customers receive bundles of mail at their desk, the largest package will always get attention first. This means oversized postcards can immediately help your business get noticed by the potential customers. They can also convince your potential customers to get into the purchase funnel quickly as your business’ message is directly conveyed.

Depending on your goals and where it’ll be delivered, you can plan the best size for your oversized postcard. The sizes that are widely available are – 5” x 7“, 5” x 8”, 5.5” x 8.5”, 6”x 8.75” and 6” x 11”.  These sizes can easily fit into a regular mailbox.

How to Use Oversized Postcards

If you’re not sure how to use oversized postcards to promote your business, here are some ideas.

  1. Use as an Invitation: If you’re organizing an event, use oversized postcards to grab the attention of your customers and potential customers. In the age of social media mass invites, a printed invitation will be appreciated. To make your customers feel special, hand-write your message to impart a personal touch. This little extra effort can go a long way. You can also use high-quality large postcards to make a business announcement and hand them out to your attendees at the event. 
  1. Use as a Gift Card or Discount Coupon: Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Oversized postcards are ideal for creating branded gift cards or gift vouchers. You can either mail them to your customers or hand them out when they visit your store. Offering the gift cards to the loved ones of your customers is an alternative. This will give your business added exposure and generate possible new leads.

 Unique discount coupons are another strategy. If you’re offering any special discounts on your products and services, you can send out oversized postcards with scratch-off foil. Hiding the special offer or discount code under the opaque foil will intrigue your customers. They’ll be more likely to engage and participate when they find your message in the form of a surprise.

  1. Use as a Token of Gratitude: Keeping your customers loyal to your products and services is crucial for any business. Send out personal thank you notes in the form of oversized postcards to your customers after a few weeks of making their purchases. If you own an online business, then include these postcards with the delivery packages to make an impression on your customer. It’s an excellent way to let your customers know how much you appreciate and value them.
  1. Use as a Feedback Form: Print oversized postcards into a questionnaire or survey/feedback form. You can either mail them to your customers so that they communicate back to you. Or, you can provide them to your customers at the storefront. You may also offer some discounts to your customers for their feedback. In this way, you can collect valuable feedback and improve your service overall and leave a positive impression about your company.

 Oversized postcards enable you to connect with your customers personally. They’re a great medium to promote your business and gain new customers quickly. With Micro Printing Ltd., you can get high-quality oversized postcards at incredible prices. We can also assist you in selecting the best orienting options for your particular needs.

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