Diversify Your Reach with Large Format Printing in Toronto

Large Format Printing Toronto & Mississauga

Micro Printing Ltd. is the most trusted name for high-quality and high-volume large format printing in Toronto. We offer a wide range of large format printing solutions, such as posters and signage, that are ideal for communicating your brand’s message. Whether you want accurate black & white banners or eye-catching coloured trade show booth signage, we can take care of everything. We attribute our success to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, robust work procedures, highly skilled team, and use of the latest technology. Our large format printing products are available in a variety of finishes to meet your needs, including lamination and mounting.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Large Format Printing

Large format printing is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses to get their brand noticed. It’s a versatile and captivating way to engage your audience and increase your visibility. Here’s why you should try it.

1) It’s a High-Impact Advertising Medium

Large-scale printing produces sharp and clear images that are visible even from a distance. The result is that potential customers immediately see your products, services, deals or discounts, increasing the chance of converting them into actual customers.

2) It’s Long Lasting

Relative to flyers or brochures, billboards and posters have longer lifespans. Since large format products are printed on UV-resistant materials, they can withstand continuous exposure to bad weather.

3) It’s Relatively Fast to Print

Traditional offset printing projects can only be printed in bulk. Digital printing is quick and doesn’t need to have a conventional printing press setup. Large format printing is done digitally, so if you need only a few copies, you can get them done fast.

What Are the Types of Large Format Printers?

The increased demand for large prints has led to significant growth of the industry and the introduction of new technologies to maximize results. Here, we explore the most common large format commercial printers.

Aqueous Inkjet Printers

This printer is a popular choice for graphic design projects, with water being the ink’s carrier component. It provides the fastest output with the highest resolution and creates large format prints for both outdoor and indoor advertising materials. They are easy to use and can print on a wide range of substrates.

Solvent Inkjet Printers

Ideal for exterior graphics, solvent inkjet printers produce durable prints that are resistant to both weather and scratches. The ink it uses is less expensive than aqueous inkjet inks so it’s cheaper to use. However, solvent inkjet printers do emit hazardous fumes so good ventilation is required. That’s why these printers are most suited for plant installation rather than office use.

UV-Based Flatbed Printers

This printer relies on UV LED print technology that lets you print on heat-sensitive substrates. The ultraviolet light helps to quick-dry the ink on the substrate.

They are more affordable than aqueous inkjet printers and can be used for large format printing that will be installed outdoors, without lamination.

Why Choose Micro Printing for Your Large Format Printing Needs?

Micro Printing is a reputable name in the large format printing industry and among the most sought-after printing companies in the Toronto area. We offer customizable solutions that cater to your business advertising needs. From posters and architectural drawings to event graphics and trade show displays, we have the expertise and experience to offer best-in-class large format printing solutions. We employ the latest equipment and technologies to provide exceptional prints that make your posters and billboards stand out. Our large format prints are durable, long-lasting, and require little to no maintenance. All you need to do is upload your raw files in Adobe PDF format with the proper resolution and bleed settings and we’ll take care of the rest. When you choose us, you get many benefits, including:

  • Top-quality prints at affordable prices
  • Fast turnaround times, including same-day production
  • Comprehensive services under one roof
  • Customization options
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Attention to detail
  • Successful and prompt delivery of projects

Apart from large format printing, we also offer a wide variety of web, digital, and offset printing services near Toronto. Our high-grade printing and direct mail services are designed to complement your marketing strategies and better engage with your target customers. From books and magazines to brochures and envelopes, our offset printing services are the top choice for delivering bulk, high-quality prints. We employ modern digital printing techniques like laser, inkjet and toner-based systems to create the best results by bringing life to your digital files.

At Micro Printing Ltd., we also provide bindery, finishing and corporate kitting services. Our binding services include

  • Hard Binding
  • Hard Binding with Golden Print
  • Spiral Binding
  • Staple Binding
  • Wire-o Binding

Our skilled corporate kitting team specializes in:

  • Assembling a Kit
  • Numbering
  • Hole Punching
  • Cutting and Folding
  • Sorting and Inserting

No matter the type, size or complexity of your printing project, we have a solution. Get in touch with us to request a quote.