Leaflet Design – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Fri Oct , 2019

Direct marketing can play a significant role in achieving your business objectives and keeping your brand ahead of your competitors. Well-designed leaflets can provide information about your products or services and instantly connect with your target audience. To make your leaflet stand out, you need to do certain things. Here, you will learn some of the most-effective leaflet design tips.

7 Excellent Leaflet Design Tips

Guide to Designing an Outstanding Leaflet

Create a Good Brief

The key to your leaflet’s success is a great creative brief. Without a compelling brief, your leaflet will not impress your target customers. To spread your marketing message, you need to determine the most appropriate size of leaflet. It should be big enough to fit all the necessary information in an easily readable font. When creating your brief, think about the main reasons to design a leaflet and what you hope to achieve with it. The design will vary according to your products or services. Consider your target audience and ask yourself what you want your recipients to do after they go through the leaflet. If you are clear on your intentions and motives, it will make designing it easier.

Focus on AIDA

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is a common term in leaflet design, and all four parts are given equal importance.

Attention Be aware of what appeals to your target customers to attract their attention.

Interest Add relevant information and colourful images to capture the interest of potential customers. They should have an idea of what you are selling the moment they look at your flyer.

Desire Persuade your target audience that they need your offerings, even if they do not know what they actually are.

Action Encourage your potential customers to take action by calling you, visiting your address or checking out your website.

When you apply the AIDA formula to leaflet design, you are more likely to receive positive responses to your marketing campaigns.

Leave a Good First Impression

Nowadays, customers are flooded with marketing materials. To set yourself apart from your competitors, your leaflet design should leave a positive first impression on potential customers. You only get a few seconds to grab their attention and build a good brand image, so make sure your leaflet design is impressive and has a catchy headline. Both should stay in the minds of recipients. If done properly, your leaflet will be accepted by your target audience.

Design Perfectly

When it comes to leaflet design, quality is important. The look and feel of your leaflet should reflect the quality of your products or services. An unprofessional, dull-looking leaflet will lead recipients to chuck it in the recycling. Add colours and images suited to your offerings and promotional messages so nothing looks out of place. To create a beautiful leaflet, all the design elements should complement each other. Printing professionals can assist you in designing your leaflet and advise you on what to leave in and what to take out it order to make it look flawless.

Make Intriguing Content

A leaflet is incomplete without engaging content. Choose your text and images tactfully to suit your business objectives and strike a chord with your target audience. Add text that will interest your target audience and inform them about your products or services. You should tell potential customers why they should choose your offerings over your competitors. Never stuff your leaflet with too much content as this may irk the reader. Instead, use short, clear sentences to make copy easy to read and highlight the most important information with bullet points and bold headings.

You can break up your text and attractively promote your business or service by adding relevant images. Include photos that speak about your business and are relevant to the text to attract genuine customers. Always use high-quality and high-resolution images to present your business in its best light. Low-resolution pictures will reflect poorly on your brand.

Add a Call to Action

Appealing visual design and engaging copy will hopefully convince the reader to take the next step, so your leaflet should include a call to action. Compelling leaflet design with a potent call to action can generate a high return on investment in print marketing. Be sure to list your business contact details, including your phone number, website link and physical location. Ask readers to contact you and take action. If recipients like your leaflets, they will hopefully get in touch. Consider including an incentive or special offer related to the leaflet.

Proofread Repeatedly

A minor spelling or grammar error on your leaflet can damage your brand image, so proofread it several times before printing. You should also have others proofread it as they may point out silly mistakes you overlooked. Besides text, check the quality of pictures. Replace any poor-quality or low-resolution pixelated images with high-resolution ones. Printing professionals can advise you on image quality.

Hopefully, this guide will help you design a leaflet that benefits your business. By designing an exceptional leaflet, you can attract your target audience and generate leads. A reputable printer can help you print leaflets to create a positive first impression on potential customers.