Learn About Postcard Printing & Marketing Ideas for Toronto Businesses

16 Mar

Do you need a good marketing guide for your upcoming postcard printing campaign in the Toronto area?

Postcard printing is an efficient and cost-effective marketing method to increase both your customers and sales. As per research, 57% of people say that postcard marketing makes them feel valued and creates authentic relationships. But only if it’s done properly.

Below, we outline some of the best postcard printing ideas to effectively promote your products, services, and business.

Let’s dive right in.

Postcard Marketing Ideas & Insights

Postcard marketing is one of the single best ways to bring highly targeted buyers to your website. 60% of direct mail recipients are influenced to visit a website after receiving a direct mail postcard. That’s why postcard printing is an effective tool for business growth.

But how do you do it right? In this post, we talk about how to do it properly so you can reach a larger audience on a budget.

1. Get a Great Customer Mailing List

The first significant factor to ensure the success of your postcard marketing campaign is the quality of your mailing list. A quality list includes individuals or businesses whose demographics match those of your best customers. They also must show an interest in buying what you sell and have the means to afford it.

So, invest in a well-defined, quality mailing list comprised of your target audience to achieve success. The best thing about a quality list is that your audience already wants what you’re selling. So, all you have to do is provide them with a means to get it.

You can also reach previous customers who have stopped buying from you. Send miss-you postcards, or try to re-establish connections with a personalized message. These can help you win them back.

2. Promote a High-Caliber Offer

When deciding on an offer, think from a customer’s perspective. What offer would compel you to act? It may be a great discount, a free give-away, or a cross-sale product or service. But don’t exaggerate. Your offer must have the impact and value your audience wants, even with a price tag. Some interesting offers include:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • First-time purchase discount
  • Cash back on your next purchase
  • Refer and earn
  • One-time offer
  • One-year free support service

You can also introduce new products and packages to sell to more people. Or send an event invitation to increase brand awareness and participation.

3. Draft Compelling Copy with an Eye-Catching Design

After you have prepared a high-quality mailing list and a super offer, it’s now time to create great copy. This should highlight your best features and benefits, bringing them to a call to action (CTA). The following are some key features to include:

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  • Create a personalized message to connect with your target audience instantly.
  • Add exciting offers to encourage your audience to respond.
  • Add contrasting colours, bold headlines, and balanced visuals to help your readers focus on important information.
  • Include your contact details including your website URL, phone number, and email address so your customers can reach you if required.
  • Instead of describing features, provide information on how customers will benefit.
  • Add testimonials to exhibit your reliability and authority.
  • Use power words like SAVE, EASY, FREE, GUARANTEE, HOW TO, SPECIAL OFFER, BONUS, etc.
  • Add a clear and trackable CTA to clarify what you want your audience to do when they read your postcard.
  • A spelling mistake can immediately ruin your brand image. So, always proofread to create a great impression. Be sure to have a variety of people do this.

4. Test and Track Results

If you have a long list of contacts to send postcards, create different versions and test them on a small group before deciding on the final version. This way, you will get clear and quick feedback on its effectiveness. If it requires any changes, you will be able to do so easily without wasting a large amount of product. Sometimes a single altered word in the headline can work wonders and boost response percentages. No matter how large your mailing list is, always test and track results to get the most out of your postcard printing campaign.

Don’t be afraid to try anything new and fun to differentiate your business from your competitors. And follow the above-mentioned postcard marketing ideas to boost your sales. If you need any help regarding postcard printing or any other printing services, like magazine or book printing, contact MicroPrinting. We are always ready to help you.

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