Making Flyers an Effective Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Thu Mar , 2017


Social media plays an important role in today’s marketing efforts. Despite this, direct marketing isn’t dead.

Physical media such as flyers still play a vital role in the promotion of products and services. They are a lot more immediate than a pop-up, email marketing or banners. Flyers also have less competition for attention. When you receive a flyer, a person reads it and then decides what to do with it. With online ads, a person may never remember, or even it with all the other things that may occupy his/her screen.

Flyer Design Best Practice

The flyer you design and distribute gives a limited window to market to your potential audience. There’s a good chance that once someone has glanced over the flyer, they’ll put it down and never look at it again unless something captured their interest the first time. With that in mind, you need to look towards best practices to make the most of your flyers.

  • Use colours wisely. Colours can communicate meaning in themselves. Red can convey vitality, passion and danger, while white can convey space, and openness.
  • Take your time with the design. Flyers are physical media. As such, they are costly to correct once printed. Having a flyer with typos or incorrect information can be detrimental for the brand’s image.
  • Insert only what’s important. While it could be tempting to inform your customer with the entire history of your company in the flyer—don’t. Select and insert information that’s relevant to the purpose of the flyer. If the flyer is meant to promote an upcoming sale, then list the popular products that’ll be going on sale. If the flyer is to celebrate an event, then put the details of the event in it.
  • Understand your audience. While it would be nice to target everyone with any marketing effort, reality doesn’t work that way. By targeting everyone, your message will become diluted to the point that it’s bland. Instead, the content and design of your flyer needs to be specifically made to appeal to target demographics. You’ll need to do market research about who would most be interested in your products, services, event, etc. You’ll also need to do research as what your competition is doing to capture their attention. Once you’ve done this research, then you can design your flyer in a way to best provide ROI.

We cannot deny the importance of social media in the everyday lives of both business and people. But, physical media is still present strongly. On every bus, in every park bench or food court, you can always find some people happily reading a book. Physical media isn’t dead, it just shares some of the spot light with social media. People appreciate the tactile feel of paper.

That doesn’t mean you can slouch with your flyers. Like any marketing tool, they are an investment that requires your full attention. Only by doing your research and through informed, careful design can you see a ROI. So put in the effort and make something that people want to read.