Get Professional Book Printing Services in Toronto from Micro Printing

As a leading book printing service, we deliver high quality on every page. The types of papers used by our experts include:

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is a versatile choice for book printing in Toronto. It suits various types of books, like novels, textbooks, and children's books. Its natural, non-reflective matte finish enhances readability, and this paper is available in different weights.

Coated Paper

Ideal for image-rich books, coated paper enhances colours and vibrancy. It comes in gloss, matte, and silk finishes, with gloss being the most reflective and silk offering a subtle sheen.

Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is a sustainable and eco-friendly option for book printing in Toronto. It is made from recycled materials, such as post-consumer and post-industrial wastes.

Specialty Paper

For a unique, luxurious look, consider specialty paper. Your options include textured, metallic, and coloured options, allowing for creative effects like die-cutting and embossing. Choose specialty paper for standout books.

At Micro Printing Ltd, we print books that blend quality and creativity seamlessly.

We Are Your Premier Book Printing Partner in the Toronto Area

When it comes to meeting your book printing needs, Micro Printing Ltd. stands as the trusted authority in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and nearby communities. With over two decades of experience in our Mississauga location, we are experts in delivering customized book and publication printing.

Advanced Technology

We are proud of our modern digital and offset printing equipment. Whether you need short-run or large-scale book printing, our technology can handle it. Our one-stop service ensures you get a customized book printing solution that matches your needs.

Customer-Focused Approach

Customer satisfaction is our core value. We are committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality book products and services. Our skilled team ensures that every final product meets the client’s high standards. Your satisfaction is our promise.

Flexible Printing Options

We specialize in affordable short-run book printing. You won’t have to worry about excess inventory. With digital equipment, we can print as few as 200 books. Order what you need and we can make more later.

For bigger orders, our high-speed offset printing presses and web presses offer cost savings. Get competitive pricing for multi-page documents or books.

No matter the project size, Micro Printing Ltd. is your trusted book printing partner. Let us bring your ideas to life with precision and affordability. Contact us today to see why we’re the top choice for book printing in Toronto and beyond.


Here are the different binding options offered by Micro Printing Ltd:


This economical binding process suits booklets and magazines up to 64 pages. Pages are folded in half and stapled along the fold, creating a simple yet effective binding method.

Perfect Binding

Ideal for most paperbacks, perfect binding involves gluing pages along the spine, with a cover attached. It's suitable for booklets and magazines exceeding 32 pages.

Spiral Binding

Also known as coil binding, spiral binding is versatile and works for notebooks, manuals, and calendars. Pages are hole-punched along the spine, with a spiral wire inserted through them.

Wire-O Binding

This is similar to spiral binding but more robust due to a heavier wire gauge. Wire-O binding is well-suited for thicker documents, offering durability and a professional appearance.

Glue-Spine Binding

Cost-effective and suited for thin booklets and brochures, glue-spine binding involves pages being glued together along the spine. No cover is attached, making it a straightforward choice.

Three-Ring Binding

Commonly used for notebooks and binders, three-ring binding involves hole-punching pages along the edge and inserting them into a three-ring binder. This allows for easy removal and rearrangement of pages.

Case Binding

For ultimate durability, case binding is used in hardback books and high-quality publications. Sections of pages are sewn together, followed by an attachment to a hardcover.

Why Choose Us?

  Here are some good reasons to pick our services for turning your ideas into appealing books.

  • Micro Printing has been in the book printing business for over 20 years, and our team of experienced professionals is committed to offering you the most efficient services.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials to produce high-quality books that will meet and exceed your expectations.
  • We offer competitive prices on all of our book printing services.
  • We offer a variety of convenient services, including, free shipping and fast turnaround times.
  • We offer a variety of customization options, so you can create a truly unique book.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products and services.
  • We offer a wide range of book printing services, including offset printing, digital printing, and on-demand printing.