Postcards and Mailers: Awesome Tools of Direct Marketing

25 Aug

Postcards and direct mails are vital tools for marketing where a business makes use of postal service. Direct mailing is a vital part of marketing, facilitating a corporate house to send coupons, customer forms and order forms along with postcards, straightaway to the required destination.


A business concern has its own database of clients and prospective consumers. But to overcome the constraint of reaching new people, they often avail service of compiling firms. These firms provide substantial inventory of individual details including name, address, age, sex and products or services searched for by a person. On obtaining the specifications, a commercial establishment sends postcards and mailers to people fitting their promotional purpose.

The Areas of Benefit

Variety of motivations: Direct mailing is not limited to meeting commercial needs alone. Any business organization, dealing in anything, from cakes to real estates, can actively utilize direct mailing. This communication medium can be harnessed to convey messages flawlessly to prospective local customers.

Power of target audience: Sending advertising mails based on database of individual details, empowers an institution to reach recipients who will likely retort with affirmation. For instance for informing about a newly launched golf-set, is there any point contacting people who prefer have no interest in the game. Likewise, a hydrating moisturizing cream can be favored by women of all ages, whereas an anti-aging cream is not meant for all.

Essence of individualization: General advertising is done to educate mass, keeping in mind the objective of accelerating company revenue. Direct mail enables you to address a particular person with by his or her name and address. Individuals love to see their names printed on beautifully designed printed postcards and mailers. Direct mailing excludes ordinary approach and makes the recipient feel special; as though an indispensable part of your business.

The flexibility of postal system accommodates you to send diversified range of mailing contents. There are ways to get coupons and postcards printed cost-effectively. The in-house creative personnel can easily design the graphic contents, while the printer gets them ready to reach at the receiver’s door, right in time. Use direct mailing and postcards to herald a product launch, opening of an outlet or a new service. Engage recipients with something that interests them and let them know how you can help them.

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