Important Things to Remember When Designing and Printing a Poster

13 Sep

A beautiful poster grabs eyeballs at an event, gathering or even at home. When it comes to designing and printing a poster, you may not know where to start. If you are on a tight budget and are creating a poster for the first time, it gets even more difficult. A poster is not just about looking good. There are several other factors you need to consider in order to design the perfect one. This blog outlines what you need to remember to create an excellent poster.

Poster Design

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Poster

Determining Your Motive

Every business poster is meant to deliver a specific message to a certain group of people. So, you need to know the motive behind designing your poster. That means being sure of the desired message, its target audience, the information to be included and its overall aim. Once you decide on these things, you can create a proper poster design filled with all the necessary information. You can also figure out how to communicate convincingly to your target audience. Keep your message clear, with a suitable colour scheme, typography and important information to reach your intended customers.

Setting a Focal Point

A poster’s visual focal point should deliver your message in a visually pleasing manner. For instance, if you are using a poster for your business, the focal point should tell the audience what your brand is all about, either in words or pictures. If it turns out well, people do not even need to read anything else to understand what you want to convey.  No matter the subject, design around a focal point to create an impression on the target audience. The focal point can be an interesting caption, a thought-provoking oxymoron, or a striking image.

Adding Catchy Elements

Try to make your poster as eye-catching as possible in order to capture the attention of the most passers-by. Besides design and focal point, there are other elements to add to your poster. Contrasting colours and crisp fonts add unique touches to any design. A large font size makes your poster noticeable from afar. Highlight important points by using striking colours. Maintain a hierarchy of design, and use bright colours and enticing typography to give your poster a dramatic look and attract attention.

Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is a crucial part of designing a large-sized advertising item like a poster. Any inconsistency or a lack of detail can be easily seen in a big poster. Creating a pixel-perfect poster design is essential to impress onlookers. Keep a consistency in shapes and typography for an organized design. Remember, too, that proper font sizes and spacing throughout your poster make for a balanced look.

Using Multiple Fonts Tactfully

Using multiple fonts in a poster impacts the overall appearance and can do wonders when done skillfully. To play safe, use one or two font styles. If you know how you want to design your poster, using more font styles is a great choice. Professional printing service providers can assist you in creating a poster design filled with several colours to entice spectators. Experiment with typography to make your poster an exceptional one.

Choosing the Right Colour Mode

Select your colour mode to suite the purpose of your poster’s design. If you are printing a poster for professional reasons, go for the CMYK colour mode. You could use the RGB colour format, but the colours may not get reproduced the way you want. When using Adobe Photoshop, you can change colour modes as per your preference, taking into consideration the intention of your poster design.

Setting the Right Font Size and Resolution

Make sure you select the correct resolution in order to print good-looking posters. It is advisable to set the resolution to at least 300 DPI (dots per inch), as anything less will make your poster look hazy and of poor quality.


Even the most minor spelling mistake on a poster creates a poor impression. Before printing your poster, ask others to check the spelling of all text. One of the easiest ways to spellcheck is to copy and paste the entire content into a Microsoft Word document in order to highlight any errors.

Using posters as marketing tools moves your business forward and is the ideal way to advertise at a public event. If you want to design and print a unique poster, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. For the best results, you can also consult professional printing service providers.

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