Powerful Influence of Images in Print Communication

Mon Oct , 2016

Diversified forms of print communication are profusely used in marketing. Competitive business organizations are utilizing every possible promotional tool to educate target audience to gain profiting results. Graphic communication, based on demographic specifications, is cost-effective, arresting, and informative. Graphics consist of texts and images, laid down in an effective manner. They can be photographs, hand-drawn figures or paintings and digital artwork.


To what extent can visual images be applied?

The unbeatable aura of visual images was actualized even by an early man. When there was no concept of letters and numbers, images were engraved on walls and rocks. These images are archeological evidences revealing valuable facts about our predecessors and their lifestyle. We are still indebted to the use of images taught by primitive humans.

Graphic communication pervades magazines, banners, billboards, postcards, pamphlets, postcards, booklets, flyers and brochures. There is hardly any print medium of communication where the impact of images can be abated.

The Freedom of Creativity

With tremendous development in technology, specifications of photography and computer have received unbelievable excellence. Utilizing softwares and technical parameters an image can be altered in terms of size, color, quality and other dimensions. In printed publications, an image is not just a decorative entity, but a primary tool of conveying an important message. Many visualizing artists still prefer to stick to paper, pen, paint and brush. Creative directors can further improve on the artist’s imagination with the help of computer applications and designing software.

Key Functions of Visual Images in Printed Publications

To pull attention: It is needless to remind you, books with only written information can end up being less accompanying than the ones with images of prince, princesses, protagonist with a guitar or the murder weapon. Pictures have some kind of integrated power of explaining ideas with their colorful appearances, often accentuated by a large size. Why talk of colors? Even an amazingly highlighted pair of eyes in black-and-white, can heighten the value of your eye-hospital advertisement campaign.

Provide enhanced information: Big or small; every image has carries a lot of information. Apart from marketing, print publications are also utilized for brand building. A written message explaining how your corporate organization aids in supporting orphan education, can get flawlessly partnered with a picture showing the managing director distributing books to the kids. Likewise, while sending year-end reports to your investors and board members, a company magazine with charts detailing profit and loss or ups and downs in the market will offer them every financial detail they need.

Flowcharts, illustrations and graphs are all images that work effectively. Step-by-step diagrams excel in explaining methods of using a particular product or service. You can use images when you want to introduce people to a new product, an additional service or a change in your existing service.