Print Materials for Your Next Mississauga-Area Convention/Exhibition

14 Oct

Do you have a business conference, trade show or exhibition coming up? With all of the details to plan for, it can be easy to put your company’s print materials on the back burner until it is too late.

However, they are one of the most important company branding marketing tools you can use at such events to attract customers.

Indeed, they can be vital to the success of your brand at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and other such marketing events. So, you should put careful thought into them. Plan your message to visitors and choose a professional printing service in Mississauga for the best results. All of these points go hand in hand in creating a lasting impression on potential and existing clients.

To make your life easier, here is a list of essential printed materials you should have at your next event to make your business stand out from the competition.

Important Print Materials for Your Next Convention or Exhibition in Mississauga

From business cards to promotional items, there are some important print materials you should bring to your next marketing event, whether it’s an exhibition, trade show, or convention. Just make sure the materials are created by a reliable printing service provider in Mississauga for the best results.

1. Business Cards


Every event you attend is a networking opportunity, so it’s best to come prepared with business cards to make a positive impression. Handing them out to attendees, organizers and other new acquaintances builds connections and goes a long way towards generating business.

Business cards are high-performing marketing materials that create an impact, making them one of the most important printed materials for any business. That’s why you need to make sure to enlist a professional printing company in Mississauga, to create cards that demonstrate your professionalism.

Also, since the attendees will collect business cards from many organizations, you should take extra time to ensure that yours are high-quality enough to stand out.

2. Brochures

If you want to share important information about your business, products or services, consider carrying brochures to the event. They are typically designed to have enough space for both text and images so you can share all necessary information about your company.

Brochures also act as a great tool to spark memorable and unique conversations. Furthermore, they can elicit engagement after the event, if the design is interesting enough.

3. Branded Promotional Items


Who doesn’t love a freebie? And convention-goers are no different. Business promotional items can include anything from stickers and pens to sticky notes, hats, USB sticks, notepads and much more.

However, don’t just look at the price tag and go for the cheapest option. Remember, items that have your company logo act as an extension of your brand. So, you wouldn’t, for example, want pens that easily break associated with your brand. It’s worth the extra investment to ensure you provide attendees with high-quality promotional items that they may actually use. The end goal is to make a lasting and positive impression with unique items that are practical and fun.

The printed materials that companies take to an event speak volumes about their business and the products and services they provide. That’s why it is important to plan a cohesive strategy that showcases what you have to offer and what you can do for your customers. When it comes to your marketing materials, make sure you choose the right printing service in Mississauga to get effective print items that help you reach your business goals.

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