Printed Brochures Are Still an Effective Marketing Tool in the Digital Era

18 Apr


There are many potential customers who are cautious to place an order for an expensive product from an unknown company online. They still prefer to make their choice through information available from various printed materials. This is one of the important reasons why a business cannot acquire and retain customers only by utilizing the online medium. To succeed, online companies must produce printed sales literature in the form of brochures and other forms physical media along with their internet marketing strategy.

Brochures still play a crucial role in boosting your sales although print, in general, is declining in the digital era. Here are 3 reasons why brochures are an evergreen marketing tool.

  1. Dependable Source without Internet

Printed sales literature helps in initiating the sales process. Imagine you have a potential customer in the vicinity and you’re looking for an opportunity to promote your company. Unfortunately, neither you nor your prospect has access to the internet or your prospect isn’t web savvy. The prospect leaves and you lose the opportunity because you never know if he/she will ever care enough to ever visit your company website. Here’s where a printed brochure can save the day. Customers can go through the information at their convenience without having to connect to the internet. It’s like reading a magazine or a newspaper. It’s easier for your customer to find your contact information on printed literature, enabling them to make a buying decision.

  1. Ensure Consistent Branding

In marketing, there is a saying that “out of sight is out of mind”. Information received digitally is only retained for a short period of time. Printed brochures on the other hand, retain the attention of readers for a longer duration. Its physical presence acts like a constant reminder of your company. Additionally, the format of the brochure is perfect for providing additional details and information about your business, products and services in separate sections. You can also include special deals and discounts.

  1. Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Compared to other forms of advertising, printing brochures can be an economical marketing option. The cost depends on the quality of paper, design, colour and content. Printed in large quantities, they can be used for various events like trade shows, pop-up meetings, conferences, etc. or for mailing them to potential customers. Brochures, if properly designed, can convey your business message in a much deeper level than through more expensive alternatives like print media ads, online ads or television ads.

A good brochure effectively communicates the solutions you can offer for your clients’ problems. To create high-quality brochures at reasonable prices, visit a professional brochure printing service.

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