Reasons Why Print Marketing Is Still Loved

Mon Dec , 2017

Print Marketing

Print stimulates our senses since it’s tangible. The feeling of the paper is where the sensory experience begins. This is followed by the added or natural scent of the ink, chased by the sound of the page as it’s turned. Even the images and colours used have the ability to make us feel a precise way.

  • Print is memorable

We remember things which make us feel very strongly. The same goes for print. As the customers smell and feel your print materials, these memories will be associated with you. We’ve all unknowingly inhaled a particular smell and it’s taken us back to an old memory. It’s the nostalgia which is an extremely powerful emotion that can be invoked.  Print, particularly, is a great way of stimulating nostalgia. If you have the ability to invoke people’s emotions, your message and service become more memorable.

  • It’s engaging

Print has the ability to engage our minds along with our senses. We all use the internet when looking for anything. However, when people read information on a screen, it becomes more difficult for them to digest it. This happens because of something called the ‘flicker effect’ which happens with our eyes. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the brain to be able to process the information.

  • Can be more personal

The tangibility of printed materials makes it credible to readers. When all of your printed material is consistent with your brand and service, it establishes trust. It means that you’ve put in the effort and taken time to create quality material. This tells the customer right from the beginning that you’re serious about what you’re doing. Building trust is necessary for your business. It is one of the strongest emotions which solidifies relationships. However, once it’s compromised, it cannot be fixed.

  • Cuts through the digital noise

Many people are actively choosing to unplug themselves from the digital world. This, in turn, is creating trouble for online marketing. This isn’t an issue with print. It isn’t noisy and doesn’t spam its audience with random and multiple advertisements. Print is usually used by people to unwind. People can choose to read a magazine or a book to relax, and this feeling cannot be mirrored by tablets or phones.

  • An exciting marketing tool

People usually love something vintage or retro becoming trendy again. As online content, social media and electronic gadgets are all parts of modern day marketing, buyers and marketers get excited when they see something different. This is where print comes in. There are several different ways in which it can be used. It’s a stimulating marketing device.

With print marketing, you can stir up emotions and establish relationships with your audience. They’re also more likely to remember your brand, your message and you.