Why Having a Perfect Business Card Is Important

Thu Jul , 2021

When you start or join a business, the first thing you do for your marketing is print business cards. Today, with digital printing, you can avail yourself of inexpensive printing services in Toronto (or elsewhere). Having a perfect business card is important when it comes to leaving your brand imprint on the mind of potential customers.

Business cards say a lot about you and your business. Here are a few reasons why.

The Importance of Business Cards

Business cards are a versatile marketing tool. Here’s why having a perfect business card matters.

  • They can make a good (or bad) first impression of you and your business on a potential customer.
  • A good business card can keep working weeks and months after being handed over.
  • Business cards are personal and create a better and more lasting impression than any other marketing tool.
  • They show you are serious about your business. If someone asks for your business card, and you can’t produce one, that makes you look amateurish and unprofessional.
  • Business cards get circulated, so one card can get you business from multiple people.
  • They deliver results at very little cost.

Are Business Cards Still A Thing?

Some think business cards are antiquated in the digital era. But business cards are evolving as well.

From the simple white card with your name and phone number, it has evolved into something more. Some business cards are fascinating to look at, while others are designed creatively to be functional. Every time they are used, they leave an imprint of your brand name on the mind of the user.

Today, a business card legitimizes your business and provides people with the means to contact you, physically and digitally. Having a lacklustre card (or none at all) can affect your business adversely.

Let Your Card Match Your Reputation

Before you decide on printing services in Toronto, remember that every design decision matters. A good business card is a marriage between psychology and design that conveys your business’s mission and values. Every design and colour choice tells a story, so when designing your business card, you must consider what you want it to convey.

For example, imagine a business card with a glossy cover and raised lettering. Now, imagine the CEO of a recycling company handing that hard-to-recycle business card to you. Will you be able to trust their expertise? Will you take them seriously?

Here’s what your business card says about you. Consider these tips for designing your business card.

1. Material

Want to show your taste? Do it via the material of the card; you can have it look suede-like, glossy, granular, or even silky. These are all viable options for most industries. You can use paper, plastic, wood, or metal, but some materials are more favoured than others.

Usually, business cards are printed on a 100-pound gloss cover or 14-point or 16-point cardstock. It is easier to print on a 100-pound gloss cover, and they are thin and inexpensive. They indicate a budget-conscious mind, but could be misinterpreted as cheap. That’s why cardstock has become a favourite medium for business cards. (16-point cardstock is the more luxurious choice.)

2. Colour

Colours not only say a lot about you but also affect the mood, emotions, and thoughts of your potential customers. Warm colours like orange, red, and yellow appeal to the brain’s logical side, and are related to optimism, joy, passion, and dynamism. But sometimes these colours can also signify weakness, danger, jealousy, or cowardice. So, if you are looking to be bold, be cautious too.

Cool colours like blues, browns, and greens connect to the emotional side of the brain. They depict dependability, strength, wisdom, integrity, nature, and control.

Metallic colours like purples, blacks, whites, and silver exude luxury, royalty, a premium feel, and high-end service. People often assume that companies with these colours in their business cards are probably expensive and unaffordable.

3. Fonts

Some customers will assume that the quality of your business is reflected in your choice of font. So, always choose ones that are easy to read and resemble those used in your brand name. Feel free to pick something unique but professional, realizing that sans serif fonts are standard for business cards as they are understandable and safe. Embossing is also a good option.

When approaching a printing company in Toronto, always be sure to ask for a sample card to sign off on before final printing. If people can’t read your business card, they won’t do business with you.

Business cards continue to be an effective marketing tool. A perfect business card makes a memorable impression, so remember that they represent not only you but your business. So, design your business cards strategically and always pick the best printing company.