Smart and Direct Marketing with Postcards

Mon Jul , 2016

Postcards are small and extremely light-weight compared to other printed form of marketing tools. They fit inside your pocket and can be carried anywhere. Demanding less expenditure and catering wide audience, postcards are tremendously effective for promotion. They are like small billboards and hoardings, which you take to your consumer’s door. Postcards can be handed out at road corners or mailed personally to clients and customers.

Postcards have shelf-life; they will hammer their presence on the senses of the recipients and become useful when their details are required. As stated by Statistical Fact Book of DMA in 2015 that 50.9% of recipients find postcards useful. This betokens the forceful dominance of postcards.

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The presentation of your ideas in captivating and expressive manner will make you competitors. There are many significant features of postcards which you need to comprehend, to successfully figure out how to deal with this medium.

Planning and Analysis

  • To plan and design a postcard you need to take into consideration a lot of details. The textual and pictorial information relies on the efficiency of your analysis.
  • You need to assess the theme of the postcard, areas where it will be posted, financial stability and nature of the audience.
  • To bring in more prospective consumers, you can keep note on newcomers of your target area. It will make them feel associated with your brand right away.

Wise Investment

  • Postcards make your target audience actualize your presence. It is best suited for small business organizations, who think twice before making any big investment.
  • The phenomenal aspect is to invest wise. Considering your tight budget, for the first time, you can cater a small audience to mull the influence.
  • Just in case the after-effect is what you aimed for, then this cost-effective marketing tool is all you need. Once you know how it works with a smaller group, you can expand your reach and increase the number pragmatically.

Simple Display of Facts

  • In this multitasking age, high-cost layout designs make you spend unwillingly. Don’t get captivated by technological facets which promise to give you everything at one go.
  • Your purpose should be to keep the message small, catchy and appealing. Bombarding the recipient with too much information will blur their interest over your actual purpose.
  • The message tone in postcard should be like that of a friend who is there at to announce his/her presence.
  • Make them realize that they are remembered. If you wish to print the name and address of the recipients, then you must avoid making mistakes by proofreading them thoroughly.

Absence of Pitching Tone

  • Touch of direct selling notion makes your audience feel that you are interested only to make them invest, to boost your sales. This is what every marketing tool does. Postcards need to be different.
  • While innumerable e-letters and mails get discarded, the informal nature of a postcard makes it a more effective mouthpiece for you.
  • Rather than spoiling the space using irrelevant advertisement, mention your immediate offers and contact including your website.

With postcards you communicate right on the topic, compiling less but important facts. Being highly affordable, you can order bulk printing and accommodate humongous audience. The variety of paper quality and size is one positive tread for you. You can choose and order the most promising variants that fit your monetary constraints snugly.