The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flyers

Fri Nov , 2017


Every now and then businesses will use flyer marketing. It’s a useful tool for product promotions and commercial advertising. The information provided on them is intended to make an impact on consumer behaviour and attract them to your service or product. A flyer can be printed in a variety of colours or also in black and white. The main goal of promotions is to make the consumer aware of a new service or product that the business is offering. Here are some advantages of using flyers as a marketing tool:

  • Easy to Produce

Other forms of marketing can take months to prepare and plan, and their execution can take even longer. Flyers can be prepared and launched within a day for any marketing campaign. There’s no need for a professional designer, although it’s still recommended.

  • Inexpensive

A flyer can be made using the computer, from where multiple photocopies can be made. A company looking for high-quality flyers might use offset or digital printing which isn’t very expensive when produced in bulk. It doesn’t require a lot of money to print and some companies can save when ordering double-sided printed flyers.

  • Provides quality feedback

Businesses can use flyers to explain the benefits of its service or products in detail and get immediate responses. There’s a face to face customer interaction between the consumer and marketer. This makes it easy for the company to know how the consumers are reacting to their service or product. This helps businesses improve the quality of their service delivery and bring it up to the standard which meets the consumers’ needs.

  • Easy to read

The marketing personnel will include important details about the product when designing the flyer. They’ll be as concise as possible while giving out the same information. The details are made simple so it attracts the customers’ attention and makes them interested in the service being promoted. Since they’re printed with the intention to provide relevant information, they’re simplified with fewer words and large, bold fonts. This will persuade customers to purchase the service or product.

  • Physical Reminder

Unlike an email that can be forgotten, overlooked or deleted, a flyer is a physical reminder of your business. It’s there on your counter, coffee table or desk which makes it more likely to be noticed and remind that potential customer about your business. They can touch a flyer, which can create a lasting impact. 

  • Versatile

A flyer is a versatile marketing tool that can be used for many reasons including the creation of brand identity or the promotion of events, advertising, seasonal sales and store visits. Flyers can also contain coupons or discount vouchers and encourage recipients to bring them to your store or showroom for certain incentives.

  • Creative

There are very few limitations to a flyer’s design. As long as you keep your marketing message clear, you can experiment with its design, including colour choice and image placement. 

  • Attractive

When you have advertisements cluttering up a website, a colourful flyer in your mailbox, on your coffee table or at your favourite café has the potential to grab attention. Flyers are attractive, and your target customers are likely to have at least a quick look at it, instead of ignoring it altogether.

Like every other form of direct marketing, flyers also have their own disadvantages:

  • Short Lifespan

Flyers lack providing a long-term impact on the customers just like any other marketing method. A consumer can be convinced to buy the product, however, it’s most likely that they won’t keep or use the flyer. To avoid this from happening, companies should consider running consistent campaigns throughout the year.

  • Ineffective at Times

Often consumers disregard flyers simply due to their straightforward nature. Many don’t even read the content or they may read a few lines before throwing it away.

Now you know how to utilise flyers as a marketing tool. They’re still considered to be an extremely effective marketing tool. Consider these advantages and disadvantages before getting the next batch of flyers printed for your business.

  • Distribution Is Labour Intensive

Producing and distributing flyers is labour-intensive. It can be expensive if your target market is large. To send flyers on a large scale, you need professional flyer printing and mass mailing. You need to manage time and distribution properly.

  • No Thumb Rule to Track Success

A successful flyer marketing campaign is usually measured by the growing popularity of the business. However, there’s no specific way of telling how successful the campaign was.

Final Word

Flyers are an effective way of raising brand awareness and promoting your products or services, especially for startups and small businesses. However, it should not be the only tool for a comprehensive marketing campaign but be backed up by social media, websites, posters, or newsletters.